Winwyn Marquez supports Marine Corps outreach programme

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

30 Dec – In the spirit of Christmas, Winwyn Marquez recently joined the Philippine Marine Corps in their mini outreach programe in Tawi-Tawi.

As reported on Push, the actress, who is now a master sergeant of the PH Naval Reserve Command, was presented with a Plaque of Appreciation by the Marine Corps for her invaluable support to Marine Battalion Landing Team-6 during the "Paskong Handog 2020" that was held on 23 December.

She also shared her said activity on social media, writing, "Despite the difficulties, many of us have realized that 2020 was not only a period of uncertainties but also a season for creativity and new possibilities. Even though travel is restricted and my schedule is filled with locked-in taping duties, my opportunities to help as a reservist were not hampered by these limitations."

Marquez revealed that they were able to distribute various things to the people in Tawi-Tawi, including slippers, toys, candies, as well as a new playground.

"Cupcakes, [soaps], slippers, toys, and candies may only be small things that we usually take for granted in our daily lives but for the children in Tawi-Tawi, who barely receive assistance and attention during this Christmas season, such treats are already godsend," she wrote.

(Photo Source: Winwyn Marquez Instagram)