Right-Wing Pundit Wants Trump To Stay In Jail, Not Post $200,000 Bond

Although former President Donald Trump is expected to post bond Thursday in Fulton Country related to charges under Georgia’s racketeering and corrupt organizations statutes, one right-wing pundit has a devious suggestion: Don’t pay the $200,000 and just stay in jail.

Conservative commentator Dan Bongino made the seemingly strange suggestion on his podcast Tuesday, but said he’s not trying to make Trump suffer, just Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

“It may sound like a crazy idea, but, folks, we’re living in crazy times. And crazy times require crazy, bold approaches,” Bongino said, before declaring that Willis wants “to be a smart ass tyrant little socialist communist,” an insult that doesn’t really make sense except as red meat to his audience.

Bongino then explained why Trump should be willing to go to jail rather than post bond.

“You gonna jail him?” he said. “Let’s elect our first political prisoner. Go ahead. Go to jail.”

Bongino said that if Trump were to opt for jail rather posting bond, his Secret Service detail would be able to “shut the entire jail down, and we’ll see how long you’re willing to keep this charade going.”

Bongino, a former Secret Service agent, then cited statutes that he claimed gave the Secret Service an “absolute federal authority supremacy clause” that allowed to “declare anything a federally protected area ― even a prison cell.”

He said that an entire prison wing could be cleared out so that Trump might not see another human being other than Secret Service agents.

Bongino said Trump supporters should protest at the jail every day the former president, who was charged with more than a dozen felonies in Georgia earlier this month and faces multiple criminal cases elsewhere, is there.

“Don’t post the bond,” he reiterated. “Make them put you in jail and make them show America their asses and show America who they really are.”

You can see Bongino make his case in the video below.

Some people agreed with Bongino, and hoped Trump would go through with it, in part for the fundraising opportunities, and, of course, to own the libs.

But if Bongino thought his suggestion would anger never Trumpers, he was sadly mistaken.

In fact, many people were amused at Bongino’s notion that self-proclaimed germophobe Trump could handle being behind bars for a single day.

Others piled on ....