Win Legend of Fantasy War: Legendary Mystery Box with 30,000 BUSD Promotion

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Legend of Fantasy War is a unique 3D turn-based role-playing online game, and the developers have announced that a Legendary Mystery Box will be released on the Binance NFT Marketplace on September 14th, 2021 at 11 a.m. UTC, according to their website.To promote the game, users can get a minimum of 30,000 BUSD++.

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There are two promotional offers: the first is a Warranty to Acquire SSR Hero and the second is a Lucky NFT Holder Reward for the most fortunate NFT holder. Users who purchase the NFT LFW Eagle God grade SSR from our Mystery Box offer will be eligible to get a 10,000 BUSD prize from LFW as part of the first promotion. If users are eligible for the second campaign, the following conditions must be met: 10,000 Mystery Boxes must be sold out from official sales, and users must possess at least one Mystery Box (either unopened or opened) in order to be eligible for this offer.

LFW will choose one Mystery Box at random from among all of our Mystery Box NFT Holders to contain a prize of 10,000 BUSD for one fortunate owner who will get the award. It will be made available on the Binance NFT Marketplace, that features all forms all types of digital artworks and collectibles.

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LFW is renowned for its innovative 3D turn-based role-playing online blockchain game, which grants players ownership of in-game goods in exchange for the possession of so-called Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Players may both amuse themselves and acquire valuable things when playing games alone or with others if the narrative is compelling. They can even enhance the worth of objects by playing with others. Owners of NFTs may sell, trade, and auction their goods openly on the Legend of Fantasy War NFT marketplace, thanks to the blockchain of objects that keeps track of every transaction. Another aspect that makes the game appealing is its community-oriented character. As a result, the game provides an excellent method via which the user and their friends may continue to enjoy the benefits indefinitely. In a nutshell, the game is simple to play and has many valuable things to acquire.

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