William Hu has no plans to get married

10 Nov – Hong Kong singer William Hu recently admitted that he is afraid of commitment, which is why he is still single to this day.

According to Mingpao, the former Little Tigers member, who appeared at the press conference of his upcoming 2018 concert, shared that he has been on his own for the last ten years.

"I am afraid of responsibility. When you date a person, you're not just involved with her, but her friends and family as well. You may not like them," he said.

William also stated that he is not the kind of man who believes in marriage.

"It is more comfortable to be in a relationship that doesn't necessarily have to be tied up with marriage," he said.

In related news, his concert, "William Hu's Keep Going 2018 concert" will be held on 2 February at the Macpherson Stadium, Hong Kong.

(Photo Source: William Hu Instagram)