William Chan laments the loss of Godfrey Gao

4 Dec– Hong Kong singer-actor William Chan finally broke his silence for the first time about the tragic death of Godfrey Gao.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who was one of the permanent cast members of the Zhejiang TV reality show, "Chase Me" and one of the witnesses at the scene when the actor collapsed while filming the show, took to Weibo to express his thoughts about their first and last meeting.

He wrote, "A hello in the lounge was the first time we met, and you made me feel close to you at once. During your last appearance, that moment I thought you were the most handsome and stylish man I've ever seen. I would recall that image many times since then."

"I wish I could turn back time and stop everything from happening. I hope that we could know each other more. These days, I have also come across people who have known you and I learned you more completely as a warm, humble, and kind man that I found out from my brief impressions."

"Today, you're coming home. You will definitely be at peace in that world, I believe," he added.

(Photo Source: William Chan Instagram)