William Chan denies snubbing Zhejiang TV after Godfrey Gao's death

4 Dec– William Chan has dismissed rumours that he has withdrawn himself from an upcoming Zhejiang TV year-end concert following the death of Godfrey Gao.

According to HKET, it was reported that the singer was originally one of the performers scheduled to join the Zhejiang TV New Year Concert, but has now decided not to do so following the controversy surrounding the station's handling of Godfrey's death in order not to associate himself with them.

It was only last week that the model-actor passed away while filming Zhejiang TV's reality show, "Chase Me".

Sources claimed that the singer's camp would rather break the contract and pay the hefty cancellation fee rather than participate in the concert and show any sign of support for the station.

However, when asked about it, William's manager Mani Fok dismissed the rumours as false, saying that they haven't even received any invitation from the station to perform at their year-end concert.

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)