William So accumulates thousands of masks to donate to charity

16 Mar – Although it has been a while since the Big Four were seen together, William So revealed recently that he and his three buddies have worked together to give back to charity.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer took to social media to share a photo of him with a number of boxes of face masks, writing, "I have limited abilities, so I have always done things low-key. But this time is different, because my role is to run errands!"

William revealed that Dicky Cheung had donated 3,000 masks while Edmond Leung and Andy Hui both donated a thousand each.

Aside from the Big Four, William So said Joseph Lau's charitable wife Kimbee Chan also donated a thousand while another friend added another 500.

"A total of 6,500 masks were assembled in just six hours. Many people have a kind heart, because we are all in the same boat under the Lion Rock," he added.

The masks had since been donated to the Banyan Services Association, a charitable organisation catering to the elderly.

(Photo Source: William Gung Instagram)