What will the title of 'Avengers 4' be? Here's a few suggestions

Hanna Flint
Speculation over the title of Avengers 4 is rife

Marvel Studios is doing its very best to keep any spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War from coming out and that includes its sequel’s title.

Avengers 4 was originally known as Infinity War – Part Two, but the Russo Brothers felt that the title was “misleading” as they are too completely distinct movies.

The Russos recently told a fan that they should be scared that the film title is a spoiler because it will obviously reflect what has happened in the previous film and hint at the devastating consequences for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The title could be completely brand new, just like those for Thor: Ragnarok or Captain America: The First Avenger, but there’s also the possibility that Avengers 4 takes its name from one of the Marvel Comics. So here’s a few that could provide the inspiration…

Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet

Last year, while promoting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Zoe Saldana referred to Avengers 4 as “Gauntlet” which certainly seems like an appropriate title as it is the object of power that Thanos wants to decorate with Infinity Stones.

It’s also the name of the original comic book run this MCU storyline is based on, which follows Thanos, having already collected the six Infinity Stone, and the supreme power trip he goes on around the universe. If this is the name of the film it would suggest that by the end of Infinity War, the Titan has succeeded in collecting all of the stones and the Avengers 4 plot would see the remaining heroes trying to stop him from destroying half the universe.

But, it may have just be a working title for Avengers 4 as GOTG Vol. 2 director James Gunn told Yahoo Movies that it’s not the official name“My guess is that Zoe just misspoke,” he explained. “I would imagine that is just Zoe misspeaking and saying ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ instead of ‘Infinity War.’”

Avengers: Shattered Heroes

“Shattered Heroes” was a comic book branding used in the wake of the Fear Itself Marvel Comics crossover event. The storyline of this run had nothing to do with Thanos and the Infinity Saga, but it did focus on the aftermath of the Serpent War, featured in the Fear Itself series, and how the superheroes were affected by it.

After Infinity War there will obviously be more than a few shattered heroes having to continue their lives and battle the threat of a Thanos in possession of the completed Infinity Gauntlet, so this could be a good title for Avengers 4 too.

Avengers: Disassembled

There would certainly be some poetic symmetry if this is the title of fourth and final Avengers movie (in this run) given that the international title of the first film was Avengers: Assemble. It’s highly likely that the team will suffer some losses so “disassembled” is an apt descriptor but it’s also the name of the Avengers: Disassembled comic book run, published in 2004.

Plot elements of this series could be added to Avengers 4 too, specifically Iron Man’s retirement, Thor and Hawkeye’s deaths and/or Scarlet Witch going mad and attacking her teammates. In the comic book she believes she has made to believe she has lost her children and goes insane because of it.

In the MCU, she could go insane after the potential death of Vision. They are in a relationship but judging by the trailer, and the fact he’s got the Mind Stone in his forehead, it looks like he might get destroyed by Thanos. Having lost her brother Quicksilver in Age of Ultron, the loss of Vision could trigger Scarlet Witch into attacking the Avengers too.

Avengers: Secret Invasion

Avengers 4 title suggestions

Secret Invasion was a name of a post-Civil War crossover event which centred on a shape-shifting alien race called the Skrulls and how they have, for years, secretly infiltrated planet Earth, as well as the Avengers team, in order to take over.

We know that the plot of Captain Marvel, set in the ’90s, will be back-dropped by the Skrull war with the Kree (another alien race who count Guardian of the Galaxy’s Ronan the Accuser amongst its leaders) so this may set up for their appearance in Avengers 4.

As Brie Larson’s solo MCU movie will be released after Infinity War but before Avengers 4, some have suggested that this is so it can introduce the Skrulls and provide backstory for a Secret Invasion narrative. However, as there have been 18 MCU movies without any mention of them it might be a hard sell but who knows, maybe Thanos will turn out to be a Skrull leading a not-so secret invasion.

The New Avengers

The New Avengers

It was only a matter of time before the Avengers of old were replaced in the MCU and this title, taken from the 2005 comic book series, would be a great way to usher in a new line-up. It had previously looked like Marvel Studios were going to inaugurate a new team at the end of Age of Ultron, with Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Vision joining Captain America and Black Widow, but because of the Captain America: Civil War storyline they didn’t really get to take centre-stage.

The Russo Brothers have said that the “supporting Avengers are going to become primary Avengers” by Infinity War, but that was before the introduction of Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Black Panther and Spider-Man so the likes of Vision, Falcon and Scarlet Witch may end up being pushed aside for a newer Avengers line-up in Avengers 4.

“The New Avengers” may not seem like a spoilery title but it does make clear that some old Avengers may not make it past the end of Infinity War, or the end of this fourth movie, and if its the case of the latter it will certainly keep viewers on their toes.

Avenge Us


This isn’t the name of a comic book run but it’s still a pretty good suggestion from an illustrator who goes by the name Boss Logic. He came up with the “Avenge Us” title and even mocked up a pretty good poster for it too.

It hints at the death of Tony Stark, which has been heavily speculated to happen in Infinity War by fans, so it’s a pretty resonant title. The “us” could refer to any number of Avengers team members, or even the people of Earth who are going to suffer some severe casualties after Thanos’ arrival.

As Tony Stark says to Loki in Avengers: Assemble, “if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we’ll avenge it,” so “Avenge Us” would be a pretty accurate title, though not much of a spoiler.

It’s likely we won’t find out the Avengers 4 title until Infinity War comes out, as usually the next film is introduced at the very end of the credits.

Avengers: Infinity War is out n April 26 so we’ll have to wait until then.

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