Will this 'Inception'-style selfie within a selfie catch on?

File photo: Pixabay

Ever since the selfie era started, social media sites have seen multiple variations develop, such as the “wefie” and even “chinfie”. What’s next? Well, one variation likely to pick up in popularity next is probably this “selfie-ception”, as demonstrated by Japanese comedian Shingo Fujimori of Oriental Radio.

The idea is simple: Get someone to take a photo of you taking a selfie. Not only does this make your photo stand out from the rest, it looks stylish and you can even show off your fancy new iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8! Fujimori also joked in his caption that this is not an iPhone commercial, and asked his followers to try replicating his shot.

Upon seeing this new and interesting “selfie-ception”, Japanese Instagram users are giving it a “shot”:

“I tried it because the shot Fujimori did is said to be popular.”

“This is popular? The selfie-ception.”

Even Fujimori’s group mate from dance and vocal group Radio Fish, Show-hey, is joining the bandwagon!

Regarding this unique idea, fans have remarked, “Cool and stylish. It’s an interesting way to take a photo,” “Too cool,” and “The photography sense is too good.” With all the positive comments, Fujimori’s “selfie-ception” is ranked pretty high on being Instagram-worthy, definitely more than this Japanese bento. It seems like such a style may really become popular!

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