Wild Starfield Exploit Can Net You 9 Million Credits In An Hour

An astronaut is shown exploring an alien planet.
An astronaut is shown exploring an alien planet.

Are you broke in Starfield? Would 9 million credits showing up in your pocket in just an hour change your spacefaring life? Well, one player has found a bug that will help you get rich quick by glitching through walls.

YouTuber DPJ outlined the exploit in a video (thanks GamesRadar). To do it, start by going to the Narion system and head to the Stroud-Eklud Staryard space station. In the station, behind a stanchion you’ll find a wall covered with space travel equipment. If you position yourself just right, you can walk through the wall and move around on the edge of the geometry from outside the bounds of the map. One skill that is pretty much required to make this work is the Boost Pack Training Skill, which gives you a little bit more air time as you jump from wall edge to wall edge, to ultimately reach a floating treasure chest just off the map. Inside you’ll find a cool 160k credits.

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