Wil Dasovich worries about what doctors found in his lungs

8 Nov – Former "Pinoy Big Brother" alumnus Wil Dasovich recently gave an update about his medical condition, telling fans and viewers that where there is a good news, there may be a bad one.

The vlogger, who shared his chemotherapy development since diagnosed with colon cancer, shared that the treatment has been effective as the cancer tumour has shrunken. However, he was also told by the doctor that they have found something in his lungs, but couldn't be sure what it is.

"It's possibly an infection. I was hoping to get the concrete full answer," he said, adding that he even felt nervous talking about it.

He continued, "I was just hoping that it was like black or white. That it's this or it's that but it's actually, as a matter of fact, a very grey matter. They are not entirely sure what it is."

The worst part, he said, is that the doctors couldn't rule it out as being cancerous.

Admitting that he was shaken up by the news, Dasovich said that he even had kept himself fit even during his chemotherapy treatment.

"I was blazing through chemo, I was exercising every day... There was a lot of times I even forgot I had cancer."

As for now, the vlogger said that he needs to meet a pulmonologist and wait for more information about his lungs before continuing with his treatment.

"If it's an infection, it's very dangerous to get sick while you're on chemo because your blood cells are really low so it's hard for the immune system to fight an infection," he said.

Nonetheless, Dasovich stressed that he is in good spirits, and will continue living on and doing what he loves.

(Photo Source: Wil Dasovich Instagram)