Why's body language important, how to ensure a positive one?

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20 Sep 2021: Why's body language important, how to ensure a positive one?

"You got good oratory skills, but your body language needs to improve." Do you often hear people telling that to you? People may not have great communication skills, but their body language has to speak on their behalf. One's body language lets them communicate nonverbally based on which others form impressions about that person, too. So, the body language you use is very important.

Details: Follow these tips to perfect your body language

Multiple studies say approximately 90% of communication happens in a non-verbal manner, that is, through body language. While in meetings, sit straight but not stiff. Keep shoulders relaxed. If you are the speaker, don't raise your hand above your shoulders to make gestures. This will expose your vulnerabilities and make your look weak. Also, your handshake should be confident, but don't lock it.

Don'ts: Some don'ts of maintaining good body language

Anger, sadness, and excitement are delicate emotions and may alter your body language easily. Never raise your eyebrows or frown. It may cause discomfort to others. When you are tensed during an interview, you might be tapping your legs, running hands on face/hair, and making head movements frequently. All these work against you. While standing, refrain from keeping hands on your hips or waist.

Dos: These tricks will help you while in conversation

When you are standing and talking to someone, stand at a 45 degrees angle to the opposite person. Or remember how models pose for a red carpet picture? Keep a little smile on your face as your eyes shrink a bit. It will make you look approachable. Looking into eyes is good, but do not stare. For practice, face the mirror and check.

Tips: Final tips to follow for ensuring positive body language

For impressing your boss in a board meeting, take notes! This will mean you are paying attention. Positively nod your head to agree with a statement. Try to engage in some courtesy works, such as offering a bottle of water. Be expressive while presenting yourself. And most importantly, wear an outfit that suits your body type. Maintain a confident look and always, chin up!

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