Why there won't be a Disenchantment part 6

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Why there won't be a Disenchantment season 6Netflix

Disenchantment part 5 spoilers follow.

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening moved from Springfield to Netflix in 2018 for his latest animated series Disenchantment, but after five fantasy-filled seasons (parts?) following the misadventures of Queen Bean, King Zøg and the occasional Trøg, he has now bid the kingdom of Dreamland adieu.

While the fairytale series isn't usually held in the same regard as Groening's previous work (though it does make welcome improvements in some areas), it has still managed to build itself a cult following.

It was the ultimate blow to fans, then, when it was announced that part five would mark our last visit to Dreamland.

Just one month before the final episodes dropped, Netflix wrote on Twitter/X: "HEAR YE! HEAR YE! THE FINAL SEASON OF DISENCHANTMENT IS AMONG US! Season 5 premieres on September 1st, only on Netflix. Please enjoy our Final Teaser as we rally momentum for Bean's shocking conclusion!"

As heartbreaking as it may be, at least this last instalment came to a satisfying conclusion after the part-four finale left us with lots of loose ends to tie up and puzzles to unravel.

Nothing was left open-ended, with Bean finally defeating her mother Queen Dagmar and finding her happily ever after with Mora, Luci receiving his angel wings and Miri becoming the kingdom's new ruler with Elfo as her consort.

But why did Groening and those behind the scenes on Disenchantment decide to end the show here?

Why won't there be a Disenchantment season 6?

disenchantment season 5

For loyal fans who regularly keep up with all the latest Disenchantment updates, the news that part five would be the show's last might have come as a surprise given Groening's co-creator Josh Weinstein previously said that they had envisioned parts four through six as "the end."

During an interview with told Skwigly back in 2021, he said: "Part three is really the middle, so I'd say that part four through six is going to be the end and wrapping up and bringing things together into a close."

While this might have initially been the duo's plan, Weinstein has since revealed that they decided to wrap things up with part five before they started writing it, and assured fans that they were able to give the show the ending they had always hoped for.

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Following the final season's announcement, a fan asked him on Twitter/X: "Disenchantment is coming back for one last season! Was it you who tweeted a while ago that you’d planned for a six-season story? Did you get a chance to wrap up everything you wanted in this final season?"

Weinstein responded: "Because of the strike we can't promote the show, but I can talk about it on my social media.

"Yes, we actually got to wrap up everything as we wanted because we knew this was the final season long before we started planning it/writing it, then we had a long time before the strike to finesse/finalise it. So I hope fans are happy."


Meanwhile, Weinstein stated in 2021 that he and Groening always had an endpoint in mind for Disenchantment, implying that it was never meant to last as long as Groening's ther shows.

"It's a much deeper, more complicated process than we went through on The Simpsons or Futurama, because of the serialised art element," he told Skwigly.

Weinstein continued: "Matt and I had the ending, and the various steps towards the ending in mind from when we started. The way we plan is similar to how Alex Hirsch planned Gravity Falls, we know certain tentpole character developments and plot developments."

As with any show, there's always the possibility of a spin-off in the future(ama...). But, for now, it's goodbye.

Disenchantment is available to stream on Netflix.

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