Why Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Is ‘Moving So Quickly’: ‘It All Feels Very Special’

Why Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Relationship Is ‘Moving So Quickly’: ‘It All Feels Very Special’

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce went “all in” very fast on their two-month-old public romance, with Travis traveling over 11,000 miles this weekend to see Taylor in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before returning to Kansas City, Missouri in time for practice today.

Sources spoke to People and The Messenger about how Travis and Taylor's connection took even them by surprise. They also shared how smitten Taylor is with Travis and the new group of friends, fellow partners of the Kansas City Chiefs players, that she has made through him.

During Taylor's tour break, she “loved catching up with girlfriends [and] had fun spending time with Travis,” a source told People.

“He is a gentleman,” the source said of Travis. “He is very focused on his career. He has a great relationship with his family. He has an amazing energy and approach to life. It all feels very special.”

A source echoed Taylor's admiration of Travis to The Messenger, who described their relationship as already serious.

“Neither of them expected them to move quickly, but they have been inseparable since they first connected,” that source said. “They see each other as much as they can during this busy season.”

“When they are not together, they are constantly FaceTiming and texting,” the source continued. “Friends around them think it is very cute and they are a great match. Taylor is having a lot of fun with the wives and girlfriends in the league. Brittany Mahomes has welcomed her with open arms and has really been the ring leader merging Taylor, her friends and the girl groups together.”

The source added, “It is a new era for Taylor and she is loving this season of her life. It is very different from her normal group of friends, but they have all been having a great time going to the games and bonding together. Taylor has really had an open mind to this new world, and the girls think she’s really enjoyable to be around.”

Another source told The Messenger that Taylor and Travis are planning to spend the holidays with each other’s families, another indicator of how serious things have already become.

They are hoping they will make time for each other during the holidays in December,” the source said. “They have talked about holiday plans and how everything will work during their busy season. Travis and Taylor have plans in December to be with each other’s families for the holidays.”

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