Why the robe-style coat looks set to be 'the' must-have wardrobe item for this season

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The robe coat is the star piece of the 2020-2021 winter season.

Combining chic and comfort, the robe coat is this winter's must-have item, ideal for going out and running errands between managing two projects at work or for an evening out with friends... as soon as -- let's face it -- virus-related restrictions are eased. Worn with a sophisticated dress or with homewear pieces, it is the star of the season.

The straight-cut, classic coat was supposed to be one of the most popular outerwear items of the season, but along came the health crisis, totally changing the fashion trends of this end of the year. With lockdowns and curfews, comfort has unexpectedly entered our wardrobes in a big way. And while homewear may not be as dominant this year as it was in 2020, it will nevertheless continue to influence our clothing choices in the months to come. As a result, outerwear pieces are following suit, and it's the robe coat that's making strides in these early days of 2021.

Minimalist... but chic

Comfort should not be synonymous with sloppy. On the contrary, the 2021 take on comfort will be more refined, feminine and soft than ever, thanks to fluid knits, fine fabrics, and accessories that will make all the difference. Since the beginning of the health crisis, brands have been vying with one another to come up with creative ways to transform pieces worn indoors into highly desirable garments. And that's where the robe coat comes into play.

"Leggings are making a big comeback, but not worn alone, they are being worn with a coordinated top, often in ribbed mesh, quite soft, and topped with a large robe coat. We're talking about something quite refined in all beige or flocked grey looks, accessorized with pretty jewelry," Thomas Zylberman, Fashion Designer at Carlin International, told us in December.

Whether you spend your days in wide, flowing, silk-effect pants, or opt for a little black dress or a close-fitting sweater dress, the robe coat will bring that effortlessly chic touch that ultimately embodies the French style coveted by style-setters around the world. Warm, cozy, and comfortable, the robe coat goes with almost anything -- and is ideal for a quick outing if you don't feel like making an effort on your day's attire. Under lockdown or not, it's an ideal piece in these uncertain times when everyone feels the need to combine style and cocooning.

Accessorize it with jewelry

If you want to accentuate the chic side of your robe coat, go for jewelry, as Thomas Zylberman suggests. "It's the return of classic knitwear, a bit bourgeois, but in a more modern version. Big-link jewelry will be very on-trend. It will be minimalist in terms of details, but quite statement-making in the proportions." XXL necklaces, oversize earrings, bangles and even hair jewelry: the brands are going all out to allow you to accessorize your bathrobe coat as well as possible, and put a little daring in a daily routine that remains trying and uncertain.