Why not watch these noteworthy cricket-centric movies over this weekend?

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Why not watch these noteworthy cricket-centric movies over this weekend?
Why not watch these noteworthy cricket-centric movies over this weekend?

20 Aug 2021: Why not watch these noteworthy cricket-centric movies over this weekend?

Just recently, our side pulled off a historic victory against England at Lord's. So it wouldn't be wrong to say that cricket fever has returned! And there are several films on this sport that can be watched to continue celebrating India's solid win. Of course, Lagaan: Once Upon A Time in India remains that eternal favorite, but there are also others we can watch.

#1: 'Iqbal': When a deaf-mute boy wins against all odds

Coming-of-age drama Iqbal is about a cricket-obsessed deaf and mute boy, who aspires of playing for Team India. As usual, his father discourages him, saying it's just a daydream. However, in the end, we do see Iqbal proving to be worthy of pursuing his passion. The 2005 release, which co-featured legendary cricketer Kapil Dev, is an ultimate tale of winning after battling all odds.

Fact: 'Iqbal' was apparently based on Baba Sidhaye

Baba Sidhaye, also known as Yashwant Prabhakar, is India's first "deaf and mute cricketer to have taken the field." He played on behalf of Maharashtra, Bombay, and the Indian Railways. Considered one of the best fielders of his team, Sidhaye was popularly known as 'Panther.'

#2: 'Fire in Babylon': Know all about the famous Calypso Cricketers

Fire in Babylon (2010) is a documentary film exhibiting how the West Indies cricket team became a legend. Helmed by Stevan Riley, it features former players' interviews, giving an in-depth information of the famous Calypso Cricketers. Set in the 1970s and 1980s, the documentary was called a "a significant film that should have been made earlier," by ex-cricketer and current Pakistan PM Imran Khan.

#3: 'Wondrous Oblivion': When cricket connects two very different neighbors

Wondrous Oblivion, a 2003 British film, spins around passion for cricket, love of a woman, friendship with a neighbor, and racial discrimination. This less talked about, but highly ranked movie has been directed/written by Paul Morrison. The "small and intimate" offering is about a young boy named David Wiseman (Sam Smith), who connects with his new neighbor Dennis (Delroy Lindo) over the sport.

#4: 'Chennai 600028' mirrors street cricket culture in India

Chennai 600028, directorial debut of Venkat Prabhu, focused on street cricket that's played in India with infectious vigor. Perfectly combining rivalry, love and friendship, the SPB Charan and JK Saravana-backed flick was written by Sasidharan. The film had an open end, leaving everyone guessing as to whether The Sharks really manage to defeat Bad Boys-II, who had beaten them mercilessly in their last game.

Fact: 'Kai Po Che' reflects involvement of politics in sports

Kai Po Che gets a special mention here. Though it wasn't about cricket, but the game played an integral role. Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput is a cricket coach in the film, which highlights how dirty politics can drag a sport down to a pithole.

#5: These biopic movies chronicled lives of great cricketers

Biopic movies like Sachin: A Billion Dreams, Azhar, and MS Dhoni have recounted the journeys of Sachin Tendulkar aka Master Blaster, Mohammad Azharuddin, and MS Dhoni. From a struggling past, their personal lives, rise to fame and scandals, the outings covered it all. While Sachin: A Billion Dream is a documentary featuring archival footage of the cricketer, Azhar and MS Dhoni are feature films.

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