Why Kate Middleton Had to Say No to Signing Autographs for Kids

king charles iii and queen camilla visit the 2023 chelsea flower show
Here's the Reason Kate Can't Sign AutographsWPA Pool - Getty Images

Hello, and good afternoon. This is your daily reminder that British royal rules are, in fact, a thing, and sometimes that means disappointing kids by not being able to sign their drawings 😭. Kate Middleton handled situation flawlessly per ushe during a surprise visit to the Chelsea Flower Show for the inaugural Children’s Picnic in London on Monday.

During the outing at the Royal Entomological Society Garden, the Duchess of Cambridge joined children from St. Mary's Church of England Primary School in Islington and Glenbrook Primary School in Brixton, who sketched images of bugs and beetles to learn how to identify them. It was there that a number of them turned to Kate and asked her to sign their sketches.

The duchess unfortunately had to deny the request because of royal protocol, but she *did* manage to find a loophole and was heard telling them, "I can't write my name... but I can draw." The Princess of Wales then proceeded to illustrate a flower for a 7-year-old girl named Ruby, a tree for another, and a pond surrounded by plants for a third child.

According to People, when Kate was asked why she couldn't sign the drawings, she expanded on the matter, saying, "My name’s Catherine. I’m not allowed to write my signature, it’s just one of those rules." In case you want the background on the custom (which has been in effect for many years), the Daily Express reports that members of the royal family are not permitted to sign their autographs in order to prevent the risk of forgery.

king charles iii and queen camilla visit the 2023 chelsea flower show
WPA Pool - Getty Images

A drawing from an IRL princess might even be better though, just saying!

After meeting the kids, Kate also talked about her own little ones, specifically her youngest son Prince Louis and how he is growing beans for a gardening project at school. "Louis is growing broad beans at school. You put them in a cup and you can see the roots growing. They get big quickly like sunflowers," she said of the experiment. So cute!

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