Why Is Dustin Hoffman Yelling at These Actors?

Meriah Doty
Yahoo Movies

This is no Dennis Quaid-style Funny or Die prank. Dustin Hoffman is really confronting a pair of aspiring actors. But he has a good reason: He’s trying to teach them and other wannabes how to do what he does so expertly.

Yes, you too can pay to get berated by the two-time Oscar winner in his MasterClass. Hoffman teaches an intensive, 24-video online course in acting as part of a series by world class talents, including tennis star Serena Williams, writer James Patterson, photographer Annie Leibovitz, and pop star Usher.

The above clip, exclusively on Yahoo Movies, is part of Hoffman’s “scene work” lesson using real actors (for the benefit of his online students). He believes great actors can access the character that’s already inside of them.  

Hoffman tells it straight, emphatically drilling his belief that great acting reflects a range of human truths that reside in all of us on some level. Indeed, even the kindest among us can tap into dark emotions to believably depict Hitler, Hoffman argues in another part of his lesson shown to Yahoo Movies.

Hoffman’s class, available online now, includes 24 video lessons, a 40-page class workbook, scripts for Jerry Maguire and Good Will Hunting, interactive assignments, and other learning tools including an online Q&A with the legendary actor.