Why is it imperative to take care of your legs?

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Why is it imperative to take care of your legs?
Why is it imperative to take care of your legs?

08 Oct 2021: Why is it imperative to take care of your legs?

Doctors say that our legs tell us a lot about our health. They bear the maximum weight of our bodies and it is imperative to take care of them. While we maintain our faces, our legs get ignored, resulting in several issues. So if you are confused about how to go about the same, we have listed some effective tips for you to follow.

Details: 'Legs tend to carry a lot of water retention'

"Legs tend to carry a lot of water retention... they are also where you can have circulatory problems and issues with lymphatic flow," says Julie Elliott, founder of botanical beauty brand, In Fiore. So, we should take steps for their upkeep. To go about the regime, we should make exercise a regular thing. Walking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day should be enough.

Information: This is why exercises are good for your legs

The reason why exercises should be done regularly is because, if you are overweight, your knees tend to feel all the pressure. Your ankles will also start hurting if you weigh beyond the scale. Apart from maintaining your weight, exercising will also ensure your bone health and keeps muscle mass in check. This leads to the overall good health of your lower limbs.

Fact: Have sedentary job? Take five-minute break every two hours

One thing you should totally avoid to guarantee the good health of your legs is avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. If your work entails you to sit on a chair for a long time, sketch out a routine and make movements a part of your routine. Take a five-minute break every two hours and just roam around your office/house. This will increase blood circulation.

End note: Some further tips to help you maintain leg health

A few tips you can follow further to ensure your legs are healthy: -Take care of your diet and avoid putting on weight. -Apply moisturizer on your legs twice a day, once after bath and before hitting the bed. -Take a warm bath regularly. It will increase blood circulation. -Do not rest your legs facing downward for a long time. Keep them elevated.

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