Why Your Choice of Legal Counsel During a Divorce Matters More Than You Think: Bryan M Goldstein Explains

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Divorce is perhaps one of the hardest moments we can experience. The dissolving of a marriage carries psychological, financial, and emotional weight that can throw even the most balanced individuals into a behavioral spiral. Heartbrokenness may lead people to act irrationally. Conflicts may escalate quickly. Delicate matters may become virtually impossible to resolve. Therefore, the selection of your lawyer is critical.

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People from all walks of life have been forced to face their fear of seeing their once happy marriage collapse, and then to endure the subsequent ensuing divorce. Helping clients navigate through the divorce process, and issues involving custody, child support, spousal support, equitable distribution, is the bedrock of a successful divorce lawyer; However, not all divorce lawyers are built the same.

Matrimonial and Family Law requires skill, diligence, and the ability to work together to achieve your goals. For Bryan M. Goldstein, Esq. client representation must be all encompassing and provide a source of security and peace of mind, regardless of the complexity of the matter at hand.

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“I am responsive, caring, and compassionate, always working toward my client's desired goals with honesty, ethics, and professionalism" - Goldstein affirms when asked how he would describe himself in his practice.

As a member of New York´s legal community and a recipient of the prestigious “Top 10 Under 40” recognition from the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, Goldstein is also a devoted member of his local community, actively contributing to various causes he´s passionate about and inspiring others around him to do the same.

Mr. Goldstein recently granted us an interview in which he discussed some of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of his profession.

What is a key piece of advice you would provide to individuals who are getting divorced from their spouses?

You are not alone. You have support. It will be okay. I want to unburden you of the stress this time will impose on you by taking on the challenges, leading you through the process, educating you on the issues, and fighting for you until the end.

How does your practice help clients navigate challenging and often contentious scenarios?

Collaboration. I work collaboratively with my clients. We are a team. The closer we work together, the more united we are in understanding our positions and goals, which allows us to achieve those goals and navigate any scenario or challenge that comes our way. Maintaining calmness, logic, and rational thinking are also critical. Without it, emotion and reaction take over which will distract from the issues at hand. While emotion is usually an element, being able to manage those emotions and work with my clients is of utmost importance in order to focus on the ultimate objective.

The National Academy of Family Law Attorneys recently recognized you within their prestigious Top 10 Under 40 ranking, how does your work ethic reflect the values your clients expect from your practice?

I have always had a strong work ethic. Not just in completing my tasks as they need to be done, but going above and beyond the call of duty. When engaging in litigation, having all of the best evidence to support my client's arguments is vital. My clients and I do our due diligence before setting forth our position and our argument, in order to have the absolutely strongest possible stance without the ability for the opposing counsel to challenge. Being prepared is always important, but exercising due diligence in order to back up and support everything we are fighting for, puts the client in a better position to achieve their goals.

What makes Bryan Goldstein different from other divorce lawyers?

I have your back 100%. I will fight for you and be there for you every step of the way. No matter what the scenario, I am there for my clients through the entire litigation process. I am always available for my clients, and unwaveringly tenacious, empathetic, and supportive.

Can you share with our readers some of the most rewarding aspects of your work?

I often see a drastic change in my clients. When we first meet, they are typically scared, nervous, wracked with fear and uncertainty. The transition from these emotions to relief, freedom, optimism about the next chapter in their life - whether it be one month later, one year later, or three years later - is incredibly rewarding to witness and to be a part of. In the beginning, when I tell clients they will eventually feel this way at the end, it's hard for them to imagine. When they later recall that initial conversation, they thank me for always having their back and getting them to where they need to be.

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