This whisky was created with the help of AI!

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The recipe for Mackmyra's Intelligens whisky was developed by artificial intelligence.

Swedish distillery Mackmyra has produced the first whisky created with artificial intelligence. Intelligens is the quintessence of what Mackmyra can produce -- and what its customers desire.

In collaboration with Microsoft and Finnish startup Fourkind, a series of algorithms came up with a new flavor after analyzing all of Mackmyra's creations (more than 70 blends), sales data and customer requests. From the 70 million possible combinations, Intelligens emerged.

For once, it's a machine that has determined the elements that should make up this elixir. A malt whisky with a golden yellow color that smells of caramel and vanilla with fine notes of citrus, pear and apple. On the palate, this vanilla flavor is brought out, along with fine notes of oak, fruit, spices and a very small hint of smoke. Fruity and woody, it was conceived to appeal to the greatest number of people.

This Swedish distillery is also renowned for its sustainable initiatives, including 100% local production that is totally carbon neutral.

David Bénard