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Whip it good: 25,000+ shoppers use this $6 milk frother for foamy drinks at home — get it for 65% off

Starbucks who? 'Tastes like I’m drinking a cappuccino from a fancy coffee shop,' says one fan.

Though making your own lattes and cappuccinos at home is the more affordable way to go, it can be hard to recreate that just-right level of froth and foam using your microwave or stovetop. Luckily, there's a handy tool that can help you create perfect milk foam — and it's up to 65% off. Amazon is offering up the hugely popular PowerLix Milk Frother for as little as $6 (down from $17), so if you're trying to save money by minimizing your trips to Starbucks, you'll want it in your cart.

Perfect lattes and cappuccinos are in your future.

$6 at Amazon

For the price of one drink with tip from your local coffee shop, this frother will allow you to whip up all of your favorite foamy bevs in a jiffy. While prices vary by color, the cool black marble style is down to just $6 (it's never dipped lower!).

This frother has a jaw-dropping 25,000-plus perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers, making it one of the most popular options available. The PowerLix is petite and easily fits into the palm of your hand. It delivers an impressive 19,000 rotations per minute, allowing you to create the level of foam you're after.

To use it, simply put the head of the frother into milk and push the button. (Or heat up the milk first if you're feeling particularly fancy.) It'll create froth within seconds. Go longer for a cappuccino; shorter if you're making a latte.

The whole thing is battery-operated, so you won't be tied down by cords. It's also built to last, thanks to its stainless steel arm and head. Choose from an impressive range of colors to find the frother that matches your decor — many are on sale for around $10.

someone using the milk frother to create foam next to a frothy drink
Be your own barista with this mega-handy milk frother. (Amazon)

This milk frother's army of fans rave about everything from the look and feel to the power behind this handheld gadget.

Said one satisfied shopper: "It makes the most beautiful and delicious foam. I was once a barista (back in my younger days) and this thing works like a charm. The foamed milk is light, airy, velvety and smooth."

A fellow fan said they lost their $50 frother, leading them to try the PowerLix. "I was very surprised [by] how well this works. I only use non-dairy milk and it works very well," they shared.

Some fans say they use it for things like protein powders and even sauces. "It is powerful. Blends out the gritty stuff, and the froth is awesome," shared one happy customer.

"It does the job for gravies, sauces, syrups — anything that can be a little lumpy," said another. "It’s quick and easy to use."

Some shoppers added a couple of caveats.

"Tastes like I’m drinking a cappuccino from a fancy coffee shop," raved a final fan. Their one qualm? "I will say my only complaint is that it didn’t come with batteries. Luckily, I had two AA batteries laying around. Other than that, I love this thing and it has made my mornings so much more fun and tastier!" (Psst: Here's an affordable pack of batteries to add to your cart before you forget!)

"Works great with Metamucil and very easy to clean," wrote another shopper. "I only wish it was rechargeable. The stand is excellent. Overall excellent value."

This sleek device also looks great just sitting out on the counter — it even comes with its own stand.

$6 at Amazon

And to keep your warm, foamy beverages hotter for longer, you'll want this Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer:

This nifty nuker warms up beverages in just two minutes or less and keeps them warm for hours to save you trips to the microwave!

"I'm one of those people who never drinks all of their coffee or tea right away," shared a shopper. "My tea and coffee can sit for hours before it's all gone. So I brought this warmer and I'm so happy to have hot coffee or tea all day long."

Save $4 with coupon
$16 at Amazon

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