Whether you’re a doctor or lawyer, you need to be creative: Paul Wang, Singapore’s urban sketcher

Moleskine’s Art Journal Series (2011) by Paul Wang. (PHOTO: Moleskine)
Moleskine’s Art Journal Series (2011) by Paul Wang. (PHOTO: Moleskine)

SINGAPORE – People use Moleskine notebooks for all sorts of things. They take notes, doodle, glue receipts and even create three-dimensional paper sculptures out of their pages. Many artists and sketchers also swear by their Moleskines. Their format and portability makes them ideal for urban sketching.

For local artist and urban sketcher, Paul Wang (Instagram handle @paulwang_sg), the Moleskine notebook is perfect for capturing the people, places and things around us. He counts old shophouses and Singapore food as his favourite local themes to sketch.

Yahoo Lifestyle SEA went on a creative trail and on-location sketching workshop conducted by Paul, using the Moleskine Watercolour notebook and Moleskine Watercolour Pencils to capture everyday objects and landmarks.

“I think we should encourage all of us to pursue what interests us. In every profession and industry we need to be highly creative. Whether you’re an engineer, doctor or lawyer, we meet tons of people and you need to be creative in dealing with business situations and in your communication skills,” said Paul, who teaches design at Temasek Polytechnic.

How did Paul get into sketching from the very beginning?

“I have to thank my mum because she sent me for art lessons. I was exposed to drawing and painting at a very young age and I went on to study design. It was only after I joined Urban Sketchers nine years ago did drawing become not just for work but also for enjoyment because I wanted to know and see the world,” continued Paul, who is also a member of local group Urban Sketchers.

His sketches have also been featured in Moleskine’s Art Journal Series (2011).

If you have never done urban sketching before, fret not. Paul has some advice on how to get into sketching as a beginner.

“Buy a sketchbook, some stationery and start doodling, sketching and just have fun. Go to bookshops as there are a lot of interesting books that give you ideas on how to sketch. Connect with local groups.”