Here’s where to get natural wines in Singapore

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Just a decade ago, no one in Singapore would’ve thought about getting a bottle of natural wine.

Compared to the classic vintages, natural wines seem to be the forgotten child of the vino world. Yet, perhaps thanks to the ongoing evolution of all things au natural, natural wines are getting a fare share of traction in major cities around the world — and that includes Singapore.

What was once considered hippie is now mainstream, and more and more winemakers are allowing Mother Nature to do most of the work, just as it was hundreds of years ago. Even so, the allure of the boozy bottle goes beyond the philosophy of minimal intervention.

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Compared to its conventional counterparts, the flavour profile of natural wines lean towards brighter, more acidic notes — some might even call it funky. It’s also been likened to cider or kombucha, since it has a naturally fizzy character that comes with the fermentation of grapes. Plus, they’re usually lower in ABV, which only makes it easier to guzzle more than one bottle throughout the night.

If you’re thinking of venturing into the world of natural wines but are not sure where to start, we’ve got just the guide for you. Read on for a list of where to get your natural wine fix in Singapore.

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