‘Where Is My Friend’s House’ Is Off To Canada This Time

[by Woorim Ahn] JTBC ‘Where Is My Friend’s House in Canada’ will start.

For the program’s Canada trip, Yoo Se Yoon, Guillaume Patry, Zhang Yuan, Sujan Shakya, Super Junior’s Henry and Guillaume’s best friend John Riley gathered together and flew over to Canada.

Before they headed off to the country, they gathered around and had a time to get to know about the country. When the friends asked about Canada to Guillaume, he answered, “Since I’ve lived in Korea for 16 years, I don’t really know about my country” and made everyone embarrassed.

Then, Henry who came from Toronto caught the friends’ attention. He said, “Toronto and Quebec are really different. Quebec is more likely countryside.” Guillaume said, “People from Toronto are bit arrogant” and made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, the first story of ‘Where Is My Friend’s House in Canada’ will air on July 4. (photo by JTBC)

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