Where are the hammer, anvil and stirrup? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 What originated in the 1989 document Information Management: A Proposal?
2 What form of slang was named from “to talk” in Italian?
3 Which snooker player has made more than 1,000 century breaks?
4 What African river has Black, White and Red branches?
5 Where are the hammer, anvil and stirrup?
6 What was the largest hippodrome in Rome?
7 Which two elements begin with the letter Z?
8 Sacagawea interpreted for which pair of explorers?
What links:
9 Vallabhbhai Patel, India (1st); Buddha, China (2nd); Buddha, Burma (3rd)?
10 Glinka Trio; Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6; Beethoven Piano Sonata No 8?
11 Cog; fluyt; hoy; junk; snow; xebec?
12 Montgomery, AL; Richmond, VA; Danville, VA (1861-5)?
13 Kristen Roupenian story; Selina Kyle; Simone Simon as Irena Dubrovna?
14 Food regimen; neap or spring; prepare text; attached or scores level?
15 Austria and Japan (E); Australia (S); Norway (N)?

Snooker, ‘chess with balls’, billiards.
Snooker, ‘chess with balls’, billiards.

Which snooker player has made more than 1,000 century breaks?Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 World wide web (Tim Berners-Lee at Cern).
2 Polari.
3 Ronnie O’Sullivan.
4 Volta.
5 Middle ear (bones: malleus; incus; stapes).
6 Circus Maximus.
7 Zirconium and zinc.
8 Meriwether Lewis and William Clark.
9 Tallest statues in the world.
10 Pathétique.
11 Types of sailing vessel.
12 Confederate capitals.
13 Cat folk: Cat Person; Catwoman character; Cat People film.
14 Anagram: diet; tide; edit; tied.
15 Countries whose names refer to their location (compass point).