‘Where Are We Going, Dad’ Celebrity Sean Zhang Reveals His Divorce On Social Media

Shreya Jagdish

Chinese model-actor Sean Zhang best known for his appearance with his son on popular reality show ‘Where Are We Going, Dad’ recently announced his divorce with his wife of 12 years, Kou Jing. 

Source: projectpapaonline

The 37-year-old made the shocking revelation on Weibo and said that they have been separated since 2017 due to “differing opinions” when it came to family. 

He, however, reassured his fans that he and Kou Jing are successfully co-parenting their kids and urged fans to not jump to any conclusion. 

In his post, Zhang also expressed his reluctance to share the news with everybody else. 

“I originally did not want to make this news public, but I still have to inform everyone of my current situation. Kou Jing and I officially divorced in 2017. It was only due to differing opinions when it came to our family, and we are still co-parenting our kids. I hope that everyone will not jump to conclusions.”

Zhang and his wife who is also a model have a four-year-old daughter born in 2015.

Source: Sean Zhang/Weibo

The proud father often posts pictures of both his children on his Weibo account. In his most recent post, he is celebrating his son’s 12th birthday.

According to media reports, Zhang and Kou Jing first crossed paths in 2003 through a mutual friend. They married two years later which prompted Kou Jing to leave her modelling career to focus on her family. 

Zhang’s announcement has led to a lot of rumours amongst netizens who claim that in August this year, the actor shared anecdotes about his marriage on television. 

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