WhatsApp finally lets you fix typos in sent messages

You'll have 15 minutes to make edits.


WhatsApp is rolling out a long-overdue feature to all users. Starting today, you'll be able to edit messages that you have already sent. You'll need to act fairly swiftly, as you'll have a 15-minute window to correct a mistake or drop in an emoji you initially forgot to include.

To modify a sent message, long press on it and choose the Edit option from the menu. Any message that you change after sending it will include the word "edited" next to the time stamp. No one else in the chat will be able to see the edit history, but they'll know that you've modified the message. WhatsApp says the feature will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

WhatsApp is playing catchup to other messaging services here. Since the release of iOS 16, iPhone and iPad users have been able edit sent missives in iMessage. Twitter Blue subscribers can make changes to a tweet up to 30 minutes after sending it.