WhatsApp concerns drive Telegram and Signal downloads

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The Telegram app was downloaded over 63 million times in January 2021.

Telegram and Signal top the list of the world's most-downloaded applications of January 2021, according to Sensor Tower. This success can be seen as a direct consequence of WhatsApp's updated privacy policy -- expanding data sharing with its parent company, Facebook -- which has sparked concern among users.

Ever since WhatsApp announced the controversial privacy policy update, which has now been pushed back three months, many users have been looking for alternative messaging solutions promising greater user privacy, such as Telegram and Signal, two of January's most popular applications.

Telegram was the world's most downloaded mobile app of January 2021, with over 63 million downloads, according to Sensor Tower. In comparison, that's almost four times more than the same period last year. Note that India and Indonesia recorded the highest number of Telegram app installations.

In addition, the success of TikTok continues, since the application was the second most downloaded app in January (62 million app installations), just ahead of Signal, another WhatsApp alternative. Despite the buzz around Telegram and Signal, Facebook's WhatsApp remains in the top five most downloaded apps worldwide.

Top 10 most downloaded apps worldwide, January 2021

1. Telegram
2. TikTok
3. Signal
4. Facebook
5. WhatsApp
6. Instagram
7. Zoom
8. MX TakaTak
9. Snapchat
10. Messenger