What's so good about a 200-Megapixel sensor?

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The more megapixels a sensor has, the greater the level of detail in the image.

Xiaomi is reportedly preparing to release a new smartphone with a camera sensor featuring nearly 200 Megapixels. Such a sensor won't necessarily offer visibly better image quality, but it should let users zoom in to bring out certain details perfectly sharply.

According to leaks published on the Chinese social network Weibo, 2022 could see Xiaomi release a handset with a 192-megapixel sensor, paired with a next-generation Qualcomm processor -- in this case, the model that's due to succeed the Snapdragon 888. Indeed, it's advances in processor technology, mainly from Qualcomm, that allow manufacturers to potentially work on such sensors.

In any case, this rumor is hardly surprising, since Xiaomi already holds the "record" in the field, with a 108-Megapixels sensor featured in two of its devices. But while size doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with better photo quality, the race for pixels can have some advantages.

Beyond the technical feat, benefits for users are more or less relative. In fact, a bigger number of pixels ensures very precise, sharp, detailed pictures. This means that they can be zoomed and cropped many times to focus in on one or more details. They can also be printed in very large formats while remaining very sharp.

David Bénard

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