What's the Brand Behind Costco’s Kirkland Signature Coffee?

It's one you'll recognize instantly.

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Not every grocery item is suitable for purchasing at Costco. Some of us don’t need a four-pack of hot sauce or 24 cans of albacore tuna—we just need one. But, there’s one product that's almost always worth a bulk buy, and that’s because it plays a major role in our daily routines: coffee.

Lucky for us, Costco’s coffee isn’t just a good deal, it’s also delicious. It tops our list of products Costco obsessive swear by and has over 1,000 5-star reviews on the Costco website.

However, what makes it one of the best coffees you can buy isn’t strictly the price point—it’s the fact that it's made by one of the largest coffee suppliers in the world.

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What Makes Costco's Coffee So Good?

If you’ve ever been down the warehouse's coffee aisle, you know Costco’s coffee collection is massive. You can find different roasts, origins, and blends to suit any coffee drinker's preference, but our top pick (for quality and price) is the Kirkland brand whole coffee beans.

The Kirkland House Blend is balanced and smooth, with a flavor and aroma that will wake up your senses. Buying the beans whole helps to preserve the flavors and complexities inside and avoid the oxidation of natural oils which can occur in pre-ground bags. It also gives you more options as far as how you want to prepare it, whether that be in a French press or Mr. Coffee.

Because Costco typically has a high turnover rate, the coffee supply is replenished on shelves often, leaving you with fresh batches of beans to choose from. The big-box company has also made efforts to source its coffee responsibly, so you can be confident your fair trade-certified cup was ethically and sustainably created.

The medium-roast blend is a dependable, delicious brew that’s held consistent quality for years, according to customers. Plus, the 2.5-pound bag only costs $12.99. So, where does Costco go to find quality so high at a price so low?


Who Makes Kirkland Signature Coffee?

Costco shoppers know that almost all products under the iconic Kirkland Signature label are outsourced to industry leaders (for example, the brand behind Kirkland Signature bacon). The Costco-sold goods must meet—or, oftentimes, exceed—the quality of the manufacturer’s original product.

Kirkland’s coffee producer happens to be one of the biggest coffee names in the market, a chain we love to hate: Starbucks.

Yep, the Kirkland House Blend is custom-roasted by Starbucks Coffee Company. The same also goes for the whole bean Decaf and Espresso blends. Just take a look—the Starbucks logo is printed right there on the label.

Even if you don't participate in PSL culture or indulge in sweet seasonal Starbucks treats during the holidays, you can still admit that they make a good cup of coffee. Just like their in-house House Blend, the coffee is smooth, slightly bright, and easy to drink. But, at Costco, the beans are half the price.

So, although buying coffee at Costco can feel like a commitment, you can now shop stress-free knowing you’re getting Starbucks-level coffee without the Starbucks sticker price. 

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