What will be the cheating day food to relief the stress?

The most important thing in losing weight is managing diet. Dieters are committed in diet by resisting toward wanted food. Working out is important; however, the main part of diet is consuming less calorie than calorie you needed based on protein focused diet. For the dieters, they anticipate for the cheating days, happening once or twice a week, in order to replenish lacking carbohydrates and food they want to eat during dieting period. For those of you who are wondering about what to eat on the cheating day, we would like to introduce delicious that will relief stress with one bite.

Goobne Chicken ‘Goobne Volcano’

When we are under stress, we think of spicy food the most. Actually, there is a study result stating when you eat spicy food, it produce endorphin that somewhat reduces stress. There are many spicy foods such as spicy Tteok Bboki and spicy galbi; however, the dieter found fried chicken the most attractive. Among them, non-fried oven baked Goobne chicken’s ‘Goobne Volcano’ is the perfect food to relieve cheating day stress.

Goobne chicken, that has been baked, not fried, in the oven to make crispy outside and moist inside, is the perfect food for dieter since its calorie is lower than fried chicken from frying in oil. Also, it is baked with Volcano sauce that emphasize the spicy charring flavor, it has addictive taste that makes people to revisit it. If you are looking for food that can lower stress level while considering calorie on the cheating day that could turn into an overeating day, ‘Goobne Volcano’ chicken is the way to go. Recently, the release of ‘Goobne Mara Volcano Chicken’, has specialty Mara sauce on top to add numbing spiciness, is also receiving good reaction.

Subway ‘Roast Beef Sandwich’

If you eat too much high calorie food on cheating day, it could reverse all the effort beforehand. The diet experts says, cheating day is necessary but it is recommend to eat 10~20% higher calorie compare to daily calorie target level. Eating balanced so called ‘Carb-protein-fat’, Carbohydrate, protein and fat’, food can be fulfilling and be a shortcut to helping a healthy diet.

Subway ‘Roast Beef Sandwich’, providing variety of vegetables and protein, is an appropriate cheating day food that doesn’t break diet’s flow. ‘Roast Beef Sandwich ‘ is a beef sandwich that enhance flavorful and clean flavor by roasting clean Australian Beef in oven, it receives great reaction from the dieter since you can choose your own vegetable and its sauce. Nowadays, there are many examples of combination of sandwich type and sauce that called ‘Subway Hack’, make sure to look them up.

Nongshim ‘Shin Ramen Non-Frying Noodle

The enemy of dieter due to its high calorie and fried noodle is Ramen. When you are on diet during cold winter, you crave warm and fulfilling soupy-food. For those dieters who wants to eat fulfilling and hot ramen during cold weather, we recommend Nongshim ‘Shin Ramen Non-Frying Noodle’ that allow you to enjoy fulfilling broth taste with lower calorie compare to previous ramen. ‘Shin Ramen Non-Frying Noodle’, with its reduced calorie from previous 500kcal to 350kcal, is breaking the rule of ‘Ramen is dieter’s enemy’ with its lighter noodle and clean taste.

We recommend adding mushroom, bean sprouts and other vegetables that goes great with soup dish to ramen for dieters who wants to get taste and health while not distracting the diet with low calorie. It has lower calorie than previous ramen and it prevents swelling from its salt. Also, if you add boiled egg as a garnish, it will complete a balanced meal for the cheating day. (photo by Goobne Chicken, Subway,  Nongshim)

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