What Mom wants you to know

There’s no doubt about it, no matter how annoying she can be, Mother does know best—especially when it comes to being a woman and what’s best for you. Here are some words of wisdom from moms—because they want their daughters to grow up to be strong, happy, independent women.

1.    Know you are special.
Vicky Jalandoni has two daughters and she wants them to know how special they both are. “Each of them has something that makes them special,” she says. “I love them both for their strengths and their weaknesses. They are actually so different from each other, and they both bring something into our crazy family that constantly makes life interesting, frustrating, and fun!”

You have your own uniqueness. Celebrate that and don’t stifle it. It is what makes you different, special, and unequivocally you.

2.    Learn to rely on yourself.
“Life is what you make it. Don't depend on others to make you happy,” says Steff Bitong, mom of three girls. It’s very important to know that you are capable and that you are in charge of your own happiness. This way, you won’t be needy or overly dependent on other people (who might eventually let you down because no one else can fulfill what you need more than yourself). At the same time, you will have great confidence in yourself and your abilities, and you’ll be able to accomplish anything you set your heart on. 

3.    Be kind to others and to yourself.
Irene Recio, mother of a four-year-old girl, explains, “When you give yourself value and importance, everyone else will too.” And she says one way to do this is to smile. “Not just with your lips but with your whole body,” she says. “A smile can make your or someone else's day. Even on days when you're feeling sad or lonely or troubled. Your mind and soul will follow the happiness eventually. A simple smile can do wonders to uplift your spirit. It may not happen right away, but in time it will.”

4.    Never to settle.
Know what you want. If you can’t have it, then maybe you need to rethink your dream and look down another path. Do not settle for something that isn’t what you wanted in the first place. Just remember there is a difference between choosing something different and settling—when it comes to the latter, you will definitely feel shortchanged.

Annie Tan* says she never wants her daughter to settle for second best. She will tell her to “always pray for God's direction in every decision she makes because He only gives us the very best.”

5.    Retain your sense of wonder.
Chloe Alo* wants her daughter to always appreciate everything around her. Having a sense of wonder keeps you young at heart. “I want her to always retain her sense of wonder in herself, in the people around her, and even with nature,” she says. “This way, she can never take anything for granted and she can always open herself up to all possibilities.”

6.    Always remember to pray.
Almost all mothers want their daughters to have a good relationship with God. Steff says, “No man is worth your tears. Shed them only while kneeling in front of God.”

She adds, “Do what is pleasing in God's eyes. Reflect on your day every night, and correct the wrong things you did the next day.” This way, you will always have strength because it will not just come from within but from a higher power as well.

*Names have been changed

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Olivia Yao has been writing ever since she can remember. She has written for health, teen, parenting, and children's magazines. Then again, she thinks being a mom to her daughter is her toughest assignment yet.

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