What is the best brand of birth control pills?

Choosing the right brand is sometimes a case of trial and error. (Thinkstock)

A patient once asked me, “What is the best birth control pill that you can suggest?”

That was one of the trickiest questions I have encountered.

It is difficult to answer because there is not one, single, best, top-of-the-line brand.

All pills are created equal. Parang shampoo…dapat hiyang.


Additives react differently

Pills are made up of either a combination of estrogen and progesterone or pure progesterone. Women may react differently to the chemical additives and components found in birth control pills.

Examples are the active ingredients desogestrel and cyproterone acetate.

When these ingredients are found in the pill, they boast of anti-androgen activity. This means the pill counteracts acne and increased facial hair brought about by some disease processes like polycystic ovary syndrome.


Side effects

Another ingredient is drosperinone.

It is a diuretic. Sometimes pills make you feel bloated and “manas.” The diuretic will make you lose weight because you tend to pee a lot.

Other women complain of headache and nausea when taking the pill.

It is the amount of estrogen in the formula that causes headache and the feeling of dizziness. In order to avoid headaches, choose a brand with the lowest milligrams of estrogen.


Trial and error

This process of searching for the right brand of pill shows that the human body reacts differently to different chemicals.

Be sure to consult a doctor before trying anything for the first time. Find out the expected side effects.

Most brands will cause mild headache, some breast pain, and bloating on the first 3 months. Once you are taking your fourth box, these side effects should disappear. If they do not go away by then, then you have to change your brand.

Sometimes even your doctor will have to do a trial-and-error method every 3 months till you are both happy with the end result.

Just a friendly advice from your online doctor: family planning should be reserved for families. Abstinence is still the best way to prevent unplanned pregnancies and the spread of infection, too.


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