What we're betting on in tech for 2021

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What we're betting on in tech for 2021

5G going truly mainstream, ecological awareness, the conquest of space and the breakthrough of cryptomoney are some of the main trends awaiting the world of high-tech in 2021.

5G for everyone

With the first commercial offers making their appearance over the last year or so in many regions and the majority of the next smartphones coming onto the market will be 5G compatible, a large part of the population is eager to take advantage of this new generation of ultra-fast mobile network. The 5G rollout will continue throughout various territories in more areas, not just main cities, and will have an impact on businesses with more augmented reality experiences and interactive shopping being available as a result. As more consumer devices enable 5G connectivity, this will mean a greater range of services available to users in their homes and as citizens of 'smart cities.'

Manufacturers and consumers looking to sustainability

More than ever, new technologies must incorporate a green ethos, by polluting less and being more sustainable. This is a long-term task, but 2021 could well prove to be a turning point, both in consciousness and in action. On the manufacturers' side, this involves new specifications (use of recyclable materials, more durable batteries, smartphones delivered without new chargers, etc.). For their part, consumers will have to adopt more eco-friendly behaviors, by having the reflex to donate, recondition or recycle their old electronic devices.

A first commercial flight for the Starship rocket

After a first manned flight to the International Space Station (ISS) in the spring of 2020, SpaceX intends to inaugurate its first commercial flights this year via its Starship rocket. The idea is first to put satellites into orbit, while waiting to offer manned flights,, hopefully starting in 2023, with its first space tourists. Note that in the longer term, Starship also aims to reach... Mars. There is no limit to the dreams of Elon Musk.

Bitcoin worth more than $100,000?

This is undoubtedly the riskiest bet of the year -- although Bitcoin reached records above $42,000 last week, it started falling Monday. Some economists have envisaged a level of up to 250,000 dollars at the end of 2021 (that is to say, a price multiplied by more than 10 in one year!) while others are predicting a sustained new downward trend after a historical level at the beginning of the year. As a reminder, three years ago, after reaching peaks, the price of Bitcoin collapsed in just a few weeks.