Wendell Pierce and Dominic West up for The Wire reunion

Wendell Pierce

The Wire stars Wendell Pierce and Dominic West would love to reunite for a new series of the crime drama.

Their co-star Clarke Peters recently discussed a reunion in an interview, saying he had spoken to castmate Sonja Sohn about a possible new series.

Wendell, who played Detective Bunk Moreland, and Dominic, who portrayed Bunk's partner Jimmy McNulty, have expressed interest in returning to their roles - possibly in a prequel focusing on the characters' pasts in Baltimore.

"A prequel, we're thinking about that, yeah," Wendell told WENN at the British Independent Film Awards on Sunday. "The idea about how (drug lords) Stringer Bell and Barksdale took the towers...or playing with the idea of how McNulty and Bunk met, and how (another crime lord) Prop Joe got started, the idea of a prequel of The Wire is intriguing to me, but I would do anything."

Asked if he might star in a sequel that caught up with the characters today, he added: "I would be open to investigating any sort of return to The Wire with a storyline."

Dominic revealed there were once plans for a prequel film, and despite the cast having aged since the HBO show ended in 2008, the digital de-ageing technology used in Martin Scorsese's The Irishman means he thinks it may be a possibility.

"We always wanted to make a movie of The Wire, like Sex and the City did and all these people, and then David Simon said it would have to be a prequel. I don't know why, but we'd all have to look a lot younger," he explained. "So we'd all have to do that process from The Irishman - which is a lot of money."

The British actor confirmed he'd be up for any The Wire project, but joked that we'd be more likely to see McNulty entering a "nursing home" these days.

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