Wen Chen-ling and Fandy Fan join cast of hit supernatural drama 'The Teenage Psychic'

Teng Yong Ping
Lifestyle Editor
Guo Shu-yao (left) as Xie Ya Zhen and Kent Tsai as He Yun Le in “The Teenage Psychic” Season 1. (Photo: HBO Asia)

HBO Asia announced on Wednesday (28 Nov) that season two of its popular supernatural drama, The Teenage Psychic, had begun filming.

New cast members were also announced at a press conference in Pingxi in New Taipei, where the crew was filming. Golden Bell Award-winning Wen Chen-ling (The Last Verse) and rising star Fandy Fan (HIStory) will join Guo Shu-yao as main cast members.

The series’ creator and director of the first season, Chen Ho-yu, has been promoted to executive producer. He will be replaced as director by Liu Yan-Fu (Life List).

Shooting for the eight-episode season began in October and will wrap in December. The show is scheduled to premiere next year across Asia on HBO.

The new season will see high school psychic Xie Ya Zhen, played by Guo Shu-yao, battling more powerful spirits while continuing to tackle ordinary teenage life challenges.

26-year-old Wen Chen-ling plays Zhan Xiao Tong, a bookworm with low self-esteem who begins to open up after Ya Zhen convinces her to join the school drama club. Wen won Best Actress in a Mini-series or TV Movie at last year’s Golden Bell Awards, Taiwan’s annual television industry awards.

Fandy Fan, 25, plays Zhang Yu Xuan, a sickly boy with asthma who is unhappy with the controls on his life due to his illness.

(From left) Fandy Fan, Guo Shu-yao and Wen Chen-ling at a press conference in Pingxi announcing the cast of season two of “The Teenage Psychic”. (PHOTO: Teng Yong Ping/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

Director Chen said last season’s beloved character He Yun Le (played by Kent Tsai) may return in the next season even though he died – after all, it’s a show about ghosts coming back from the dead. But Chen would not confirm He’s return or reveal more at the moment.

Guo, 28, said, “I look forward to filming in more locations than in the first season, as Xiao Zhen fights more powerful ghosts in different settings.”

Wen brushed off reports that she and Guo experienced conflict on set (both actresses were nominated for the best actress Golden Bell Award won by Wen last year). “I’m surprised about such reports as I have a good relationship with everyone on set.” Guo similarly said there was no conflict between her and Wen.

Fan said he had to prepare a lot physically for his role as a sickly boy. “I played a sporty role previously and was more muscular, but I had to lose six to eight kilogrammes for this role.”

The Teenage Psychic received high ratings and critical acclaim in Asia after it was released in April last year. The series won the Best Mini-Series or TV Movie award at the 2017 Golden Bell Awards, while its guest star Nana Lee won Best Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series or TV Movie.

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