And this week's TikTok beauty tip is... sugar waxing

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Sugar waxing already has millions of converts on TikTok.

TikTok is a treasure trove of beauty tricks, which keep coming thick and fast on the social network. But this week, there's no extravagance and no reckless risk-taking in sight, just an age-old hair removal method that's back in the spotlight: sugaring. The social network is now awash with DIY recipes, as fans swear by this natural and inexpensive technique that's easy to carry out at home.

It's no secret that TikTok is bursting with beauty tips and tricks. Some may be more crazy than others, but all have the potential to influence the beauty routines of millions of users. And while the more out-there tips -- like filing teeth or tattooing freckles -- are worth avoiding because they can be dangerous, others are well worth sharing with as many people as possible. This is the case of the latest beauty trick trending on the social network: sugar waxing, a natural hair removal method with multiple benefits.

A time-old trick

Could sugaring help reconcile Gen Zers with boomers? Don't be so sure. But this hair removal technique that's been used for centuries -- TikTok has no monopoly on innovation, after all -- is like something straight out of a grandmother's beauty recipe book. And the trend is hardly surprising, considering that the pandemic has brought all things DIY back in vogue and veritably booming in sectors from fashion and beauty to decoration and home improvement.

Those months under lockdown gave many people the chance to try their hand at concocting homemade products, which are much less expensive and often more natural alternatives. And with stores closed, some people had no choice but to turn to what they had on hand to keep up with their beauty routines as best they could -- just don't mention the trauma of gray hair again anytime soon. As a result, TikTokers have multiplied the number of videos about DIY products and techniques, bringing many forgotten -- or at least neglected -- tricks of yesteryear back to the forefront.

A natural hair removal technique with three ingredients

On TikTok, the #sugaringwax hashtag already has more than 56 million views, while #sugarwax has skyrocketed to more than 430 million views. And that's not including variations such as #sugarwaxrecipe, #sugarwaxtutorial and #sugarwaxingathome, which also have many followers on the social network. All of this goes to show just how much of a craze this traditional hair removal technique has become. In addition to being less painful, suitable for the most sensitive skin, and avoiding all chemical products, sugaring has the advantage of requiring only three ingredients: sugar, water and lemon. Some people also add honey for its healing properties, but that's an optional extra.

All that remains is to mix up the paste to rid your legs, armpits and bikini line of hair before the summer season. Don't forget to let the mixture cool down until it's lukewarm before use, and don't hesitate to keep any remaining paste in an airtight jar for future use. Countless videos available on TikTok are on hand to help you make your own sugar wax, as well as offering tips and techniques for optimal use. To your kitchens!

Christelle Pellissier

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