Your Weekly Tarot Reading Of 5-11 September 2022

By this weekend, Mercury shall go retrograde, and thus will begin the disruption this capricious planet brings with it. Even though we have a few days before the Mercury performs their devious backwards tango, the winds of chaos shall begin to blow, causing not just our words, but also our thoughts to turn against us. However, to cope with this, the stars have beautiful messages for us that have been lovingly divined by the tarot. These messages have been blessed by the Angels so that we may make the most of the week, and be prepared for all that ‘The Universe’ (especially Mercury) shall throw at us.

September 2022 horoscope for the week

Aries weekly September horoscope 2022

Sometimes, in order to start over afresh, the first thing we need to do is accept the past for what it was. The more we live in regret over our mistakes, and the more we torture ourselves with the vivid scenarios of ‘coulda, woulda, shoulda…’, the more we’re making it hard for us to not only live in peace, but also create the life of our dreams. Yes, we are human, and part of the human experience is to make mistakes. That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow! If we never made mistakes, we’d just stagnate on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

It’s so important that we be kind with ourselves, as well as, those who are around us. Nothing can be gained by passing the blame, nor will we be able to escape the long-term (and karmic) consequences of our actions by dumping the responsibility onto the backs of others. It’ll just make things all the more messy, and we’ll just remain stuck in a karmic quick-sand of sorts. The minute we begin to take responsibility for our actions, and learn to forgive ourselves – not only will we be able to make peace with the past, but we shall also be able to build a beautiful future whilst enjoying the present.

Taurus weekly September horoscope 2022

It’s okay to take your time before making a move. You are allowed to let your feelings marinate for as long as you wish, in order to process them fully before expressing them. There’s no shame in being on the fence, and you have every right to demand all the facts be revealed to you before you make an important decision. If someone won’t give you that time or space, then it’s a major red flag, and it would be vital for you to trust your intuition more than their nefarious intentions.

Stillness doesn’t mean being lazy or inactive. Through our stillness, we have the capacity to observe our surroundings and see things for what they really are, as well as, see things beyond the surface. It also comes in handy to see through the deception of others, by observing them as they present the ‘facts’ to us. Beyond that, our stillness allows us to observe everything that’s happening within us. Pay special attention to the sensations of your body, and all it is trying to communicate to you. Notice how your body feels around different people, environments, and situations. It’ll always tell you the truth.

Gemini weekly September horoscope 2022

Careful of your temper, Gemini. Mercury is going retrograde this week, and the things we say in the heat of the moment can lead to long-lasting consequences. Mercury is the planet of communication, and that even includes emails, DM’s, and of course, calls and texts. When it goes retrograde, the chances of miscommunication increase, as well as, technology can end up being the friend that stabs us in the back. Thus, it would be wise to take several deep breaths before firing off at anyone in the heat of the moment, irrespective of how triggering they are.

The thing to remember is that if you lose control over your speech and emotions, the other party automatically wins, even if you’re in the right. In turn, they’ll use a moment of weakness against you, labelling it as a character flaw, when all you were doing is just being caught in a vulnerable moment. This can make things incredibly complicated – especially in the professional realm. A lot can be saved if we choose to focus on our peace instead of engaging in battles that aren’t worth the effort and turmoil to begin with. However, if the sword is needed to be picked, make sure you practice well beforehand.

Cancer weekly September horoscope 2022

One thing we need to remember is that hurting those who hurt us won’t make the wounds heal faster. Yes, it’s important we defend ourselves, and yes, it’s important that we stand up to forces bringing us down. However, there is always a peaceful option that not only stops the cycle of ‘an eye for an eye’, but also creates room for tolerance, respect, and in some cases, perhaps even friendship and love. This can only happen when we stop viewing those who hurt us as our tormentors, and start seeing them as flawed humans who are on a journey to learn and become better.

Yes, this can be incredibly hard to do, especially when even their presence is triggering for us. There is a reason why they say that to err is human and to forgive is divine. However, being divine doesn’t mean to be a martyr, and thus, the first thing you need to do is to establish strong boundaries and make sure that they’re not only seen but also respected by all. Remember, what others say about you isn’t a reflection of who you are – their issues with you are more about them than you as an individual. Keep that in mind, and you’ll discover how freeing it is to be least bothered by what people say.

Leo weekly September horoscope 2022

Sometimes, it’s okay to just walk away, Leo. There’s no reason to get involved in drama, especially when it’s not even about you. There’s no reason to get your hands dirty in other people’s messes. What can you gain out of it beyond just unnecessary pain and trauma? It would just distract you from what’s actually important to you, and will rob you of the energy you need to channel towards living your best possible light. Do yourself a big favour and just turn in the other direction and walk away.

There is so much you’ve ignored about yourself lately due to the issues of others. So many things that you were supposed to accomplish have been delayed due to you not being able to give the time and attention you need for yourself – instead have been squandering away over lesser beings. Let others figure their issues out on their own. Keep the eye on your prize, walk forward towards your goals and away from the drama!

Virgo weekly September horoscope 2022

Not all structures, especially those of habit and the mind, are meant to last forever. Not all ways of thinking, being, and even believing are meant to remain eternal. Your ruler, Mercury, is going retrograde this week, and perhaps it’s time to start abandoning the things that have kept you from evolving into a better version of yourself. For some of you – that could be relationships, habits, behavioural patterns, or perhaps even belief systems.

Yes, that can be an incredibly scary thing. However, change is the only constant in life. The more we cling tightly to things, the more ‘The Universe’ will cause them to slip out of your grasp, and thus, the more painful it’ll be for you to move on – making it incredibly hard to cope with the loss. Remember, to build something new, we must clear the land of all that’s old and decaying. Not everything is worth preserving, and not all scars help build character. The sooner we learn to release and let go, the sooner we can heal and move on, and evolve into greater versions of ourselves.

Libra weekly September horoscope 2022

Sometimes we have no choice but to face our fears head on. This way, we’ll stop being paralysed by them, and might actually overcome and heal from them. Even if others consider them to be minor or frivolous, they are your fears, and no one else has to deal with them except you. The more you try to ignore them, the more they’ll haunt you, and thus their power over you grows. Thus, the only way to move on with our lives and experience joy and peace is to face them.

However, it’s important to remember that facing fears isn’t so easy. To do so unprepared can lead to disastrous consequences. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Whether it’s from a qualified therapist or healer, or a trusted friend or loved ones, or even your guardian angels (yes, you have one – even if you’re sceptical), ask them without any fear or hesitation. Doing so will only make you stronger, and also enable you to unburden your heart with all that’s plaguing you. You may even get a fresh perspective that’ll actually enable you to face your fears all the more easily.

Scorpio weekly September horoscope 2022

This is a week for you to sit back, relax, and just treat yourself. Too much time has been spent agonising over everything, causing your stress levels to spike, making life all the more chaotic. Now is the time to just let go of the need to control and manoeuver everything, and just be present in the moment and flow with life. Sure, it can be scary to not be on top of everything, but sometimes we can benefit a whole lot more if we let down our guard and just surrender to the divine powers of ‘The Universe’, and just flow with life.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished with those we loved. The more we treat it like a constant series Machiavellian mind-games and power-struggles, the more we’ll end up losing perspective of what’s truly important and give up our peace of mind in exchange of nihilistic headaches. Allow yourself some time to get away from it all, perhaps even spend time in nature to refresh your energies and gain a fresh perspective on things. Spend time with your mother or maternal figures in your life. Their advice might make all the difference.

Sagittarius weekly September horoscope 2022

Why do something on your own, when you can get the job done faster and more efficiently with a team? As competent as you are, there’s no point getting overwhelmed by taking the sole responsibility of anything. There are plenty of individuals who not only can (and are willing to) share your load, but can also provide fresh insights and perspectives, whilst getting the job done faster, giving you plenty of time to relax and pursue other ventures. This way, you’ll also have time to stop and smell the roses without feeling guilty about wasting time.

By mastering the art of delegation, not only do you become a better leader, but you also become a better communicator. Being able to ask for exactly what you want is a rare art, because so much tends to get lost in translation. Especially now that Mercury shall turn retrograde, it’s all the more important to get all the help you need to wrap up all pending projects before the capricious planet goes all topsy-turvy, making things more chaotic. Just remember to give thanks to all those who have helped you along the way, and make sure everyone is given their due credit.

Capricorn weekly September horoscope 2022

Things are going to take an upward turn for the better this week for you. This is a powerful time for you to release any traces of darkness that have plagued you over the past few weeks and embrace the light that’s going to be lovingly shined upon you. A lot of powerful portals of spiritual wisdom are opening up, and thus it’s important that you be receptive to all the spiritual downloads that are going to be coming your way through divine etheric channels. These contain vital information that’ll not only help you succeed in life, but also enable your soul to evolve and ascend.

For those with a spiritual practice, pay attention to the messages you receive during your prayers and meditations. Even if you are sceptical, or agnostic, or aren’t following a particular path – pay attention to signs, symbols, omens, and even ‘convenient coincidences’ that just appear before you. These are ways through with Divine Forces of ‘The Universe’ to communicate with us. Be mindful of repeating number sequences – especially (but not limited to) 111, 1111, 1010, 1919, and even 777. Seeing these is a sign that you are in alignment with ‘Higher Forces’ and that the Angels are sending their blessings.

Aquarius weekly September horoscope 2022

Gossip, though fun, can also create unnecessary drama that can escalate things that are usually ‘non issues’ to chaotic levels that may perhaps burn bridges that have taken so much time to build and preserve. Especially now that Mercury shall be turning retrograde, it’s all the more important that you avoid the temptation of being sucked into any kind of drama – especially the kind that has nothing to do with you directly. Sometimes, it’s better to just turn a blind eye and focus on yourself.

Be vigilant about all written communication this week – whether it’s formal documents (please read the fine print before signing) or even personal texts, or social media DM’s – review them thoroughly before hitting ‘send’. A last minute spellcheck can prove to be miraculous in the most unexpected ways. Just remember, in this day and age, it’s so easy to take screenshots and share messages across the internet. Therefore, only put down in text things that can’t be held against you. Verbal communication can be slightly safer, but once something is said, it can never truly be taken back.

Pisces weekly September horoscope 2022

Sometimes the greatest lessons we learn involve undergoing painful experience. However, we must remember that everything we experience is a test from ‘The Universe’ that helps us discover new levels of strength hidden deep within us. Sure, doesn’t exactly feel so good to go through all the chaos, but once you discover those hidden powers, it’ll all be worth it, for it’ll help take our evolutionary journey to a higher level – making us all the more empowered to live our lives fearlessly with love and joy.

Just remember, those who cause us such pain, aren’t always worthy of our love. True, forgiveness is essential, but please remember to see them for what they are, and not through the glorified lens you’ve created in your mind’s eye. Those who cause you pain aren’t responsible for your newly discovered strength. Your willingness to heal and evolve is the reason you discovered it. There’s a big difference between being grateful for an experience versus idolising our tormentors. Keep your boundaries strong and respect them deeply.