Your Weekly Horoscope for 4th December to 10th December 2022


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Aries born natives may have negative influence from bad planets on their professional and personal aspects of life. Thus, it becomes necessary for you to strike a balance between them. Having a realistic plan and commitment to work through this plan may be the key to deal with your professional and personal life. You may have favourable opportunities in a job or business due to foreign contacts. There would be a chance to close a great business deal or lay the foundation for future professional growth. Research-related work may benefit you and give you accomplishments for your hard work. Financially, you may have to think over priorities. There may be gains, but along with that, some expenditures may come your way. It is a good time to develop financial discipline. Having a full proof plan and a well-allocated personal budget may lighten up your financial burden. You may have to incur the expenditures that may come up. You may spend more money on household things. You may indulge in shopping this week. You should not let anger and aggressiveness get you into unnecessary arguments, or else you may find yourself in trouble. You should learn the situation from a third person’s perspective and deal with it very sensibly. Due to Mars transit, Aries students may need to deal with patience and determination in order to get a good outcome. Those of you who are in the field of correspondence, writing or communication may inch closer to success.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : Natives with the Aquarius sign may undergo a difficult phase of their life as they may find twists and turns. Planetary transitions suggest that you may need to accept unwanted changes in professional life. Those who are working in the corporate world may soon plan to change their job. But, you should think twice before making such a significant decision. Career-wise, you may need to be extremely careful by taking anything for granted. Financially, you may have some difficult times due to bad planets occupying the house of income. on the other hand, your family may offer support and care at the time of your struggle. Taurus students may need to work hard for good results. They may get a decent outcome if they put determination and dedicated efforts. You need to go through revisions of concerned subjects and projects. A methodical way of study and in-depth analysis may help you to have profound knowledge. You may need to complete your assignments to avoid any trouble later. If you are aspiring to rise higher, seek guidance from your mentor. This may bring some clarity on what are the things you need to improve while chasing your career goals. This week would be suitable for the ones who are in love. Singles may find new love interests and couples may get a chance to spend quality time together. Natives who want to quit their job in order to open up their own business must postpone their plans. This is not an ideal time for any new ventures. So, it's better to remain focused on your current job.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Gemini individuals who are working in the government sector may get benefits from new schemes. Also, professional workers may receive positive feedback from their superiors. With your hard work and perseverance, you may win their trust and appreciation. This may motivate you more towards your professional growth and development. Some of you may face challenges at the workplace if you carry an egoistic attitude. The transits of certain planets may instigate you to be harsh while communicating. So, you are suggested to be careful about your words. You may need to be careful about the easements or verifications with respect to the ongoing projects. You should resolve your miscommunication in order to prevent uncertain challenges. Because of transiting Jupiter, marital life would be good and fulfilling. However, the transit of Mars and Rahu would be directing you not to be too demanding. Analyze your expectations and see if they are realistic. If you want to have a pleasant relationship with your loved ones, do not take disagreements or differences in opinions negatively. Consider them a part of your relationship and communicate with your spouse lovingly. A proper understanding between you two may be required to deepen your bond. You should develop a solution-oriented approach instead of getting into an argument. This week is unfavourable for investments. So, before you go ahead with putting your money into an investment, research well and seek an expert’s advice. If possible refrain from making such investments.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : At the beginning of this week, Cancer individuals need to be attentive to their personal life. There are chances that you may indulge in arguments with your family members. You may feel a bit unsettling in your personal relationships. You would be prone to nervousness which may insist you make blunders. If you suffer from such situations, then you should seek apologies. Although, it is not likely that your loved ones may get ready to accept your apologies. So, you may need to be patient and let time heal the situation. In the workplace, you may be perceived as ambitious, practical, organized, hardworking, and calculative. Others may also find you to have an aptitude for pulling the right strings in order to achieve success. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about exuding masculine qualities. During this period, you would be able to focus better on the professional front. You should keep up the good work to get the desired outcome. Students may make satisfactory progress academically. Determination and perseverance may bear the fruits in the long run. This week, Cancer natives may have favourable planetary influence in regards to their financial matters. Your financial condition may see some improvements, which may lead you to money savings. Concerning health, you are advised to do some physical activities or yoga as you may complain of minor health issues. You may also need to make changes in your food diet. In short, it would be a moderate time for you.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Those natives who are associated with the Leo sign may enhance the romance with their partner. It is a perfect time to achieve your relationship goals. Lovers who recently met their partners may find it easier to build strong bondings between them. Married natives with Leo signs may need to be careful in their relationship. There are chances that you may get involved in the confrontation with your spouse. However, it may not be for a long time as you two may quickly resolve the misunderstandings. Leo natives may show extra love and care for their parents. Those who are working far from home may take time to visit their house. This may further help you improve relations with them. Elders natives would be amazed by the loving gesture of their children. In terms of your professional life, it would be a fair time. Job seekers may receive unexpected call ups for the interviews. But, you may need to improve your skills to get positive outcomes. Those who are associated with the education field may get recognition for their work. Especially, teachers may receive a positive response from their students and the members of other faculties. Artists are likely to receive new opportunities in their desired field. You may recover an extra source of income, but you need to be careful while handling any financial matters. Overall, this week brings a suitable time to display your skills.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : Job professionals born under the Virgo sign may have a hectic schedule at their office. You may take added responsibilities, which may keep you occupied till the next week. Some of you may need to perform multi-tasking as per the requirements. Business owners may need to come up with new strategies. This hard work may help you attract more clients leading to enhancing your financial income. During this week, you are advised to postpone any financial commitment as it may not give you positive results. Moving forward, you would be more possessive. However, you may find a positive change as in the mid-week. In love life, you may demand more attention from your beloved ones. You are likely to spend more time with those who are close to your heart. You may create wonderful memories walking hand-in-hand with your partner. Students who belong to the Virgo sign may have an ideal week, especially for those who are willing to take higher education. You may see improvement in your overall progress this week. You need to be careful in terms of health and follow a strict food diet. Planet transits may negatively influence your health status. Kids may have viral infections, so if possible, refrain from consuming outside food. Gradually, you may see a better status of health by the weekend. Elders suffering from illness may get recovery. Overall, you may have a better time.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Natives holding the Libra sign may have a relief in the first half of this week. The latter half of the week would be busier. This could be because you may have more responsibilities. You may feel energetic and more confident in completing the new assignments. Business people with the Libra sign may explore new avenues and possibly introduce new items. You may strengthen your financial status. You may make significant decisions related to finance at the weekend. You may get a fine grip on your financial status. But moving on, you may need to take care of your money spendings. You may spend unnecessarily on luxurious items, so you may need to be careful about such situations. Lovers may take their relationship to the next level. You may receive unconditional support from your partner. Hence, you two may mutually decide to grow together. Libra students are likely to earn good marks as they may get guidance from their mentors. You may develop quick learning abilities, so you may be able to grasp new things. Those who are preparing for the competitive exams may get success. You may get desired results this week. In regards to your health status, past issues may pop up in this phase. You may need a doctor's intervention to get rid of health issues. You are suggested to be careful about your health status. Otherwise, you may complain of health problems. Overall, you may have mixed results this week.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : Scorpio mates may have a hindrance in their personal life. Planets transits suggest that you would be emotionally dependent on your spouse. You may also start feeling somewhat insecure, but the intimacy between the two of you may enhance during this time. In your love life, you would be slightly disappointed with your spouse. You may not be able to think and draw conclusions quickly. Lovers may create unnecessary issues with their partners because of communication gaps. Single natives may meet new faces to embark on their new journey of life. Simultaneously, this week may negatively influence your financial matters. So, you must act with caution when it comes to preparing your financial plan. Natives connected with the business may go on a trip. Your efforts may not go in vain as you are likely to get positive results. Working natives may need to keep a cool mind at their workplace. Also, you may need to take care of your communication skills. Otherwise, you may hurt the feelings of others. Healthwise, you may have a better week. If your mother is suffering from the illness, she may get recovery. Likewise, you may need to keep a check on your kid’s eating habits to ensure that they maintain a healthy lifestyle routine. Elders having knee pain or long term health issues may find relief in this phase. Overall, it would be a difficult time to some extent.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Sagittarius bound natives are likely to enter a blissful week. You may improve your personality traits, which may aid you to gain name and fame. You may develop a good impression of yourself, and therefore, people may take advice from you. Sagittarius politicians who are likely to contest local elections may get positive results. You may appeal to young minds in coming forward. You would be happy to lend a hand in society works. Financially, you are likely to earn a stable income, indicate the planetary transits. Working natives may discover an extra source of income. This may help you reach your financial goals. Businessmen and working individuals are likely to have a smooth flow of money. You may find it easier to deal with official and domestic issues easily. Investors may have a suitable time to make investments. But, it is advisable to make investments after consulting the concerned person. Job seekers may find the desired opportunities to make remarkable progress in their careers. Healthwise, you may maintain your fitness level. Elders need to take precautions from their family doctors. Whereas kids are advised to refrain from eating outside foods. In this phase, you should take utmost care of your child's health. Other than that, you are likely to be in the pink of your health. Sagittarius natives may not have negative impacts from the planets.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Capricorn sign individuals may need to maintain good relations with their father. This week could be about patience and understanding, so you may need to respect your father's decision. Your father may also productively help you in your workplace. Those who are in the field of research and development may be able to resume their research work. Capricorn students may find the path of success, which could be your help them make their desired career. Lovers belonging to the Capricorn sign may need to improve their communication skills. Or else, you may lose your partner's support. In a love life, you may have a suitable time to win your partner's trust. You would find one or the other way to get the very most out of today. Moving on, you may need to be careful as your egoistic nature may hurt your near and dear ones. Lovers born under the Capricorn sign may find joy and cheerfulness. Through introspection and by exercising your mind on things, which are not mundane, you may rise above the stress. Slowly, you may be able to reduce your mental stress. Your attention and commitment towards your family would make it a happier place. You may have unconditional support from your family members, as well. Healthwise, those who are suffering from past issues may get relief. You may come out of your past injuries. Children may need to take care of eating outside foods. Overall, it would be a decent week ahead.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : Natives who are carrying the Aquarius sign may need to be well-mannered and disciplined. You need to give more attention to your career goals. Those who are pursuing higher studies may make a significant decision. Those who are working hard to achieve good marks may get positive outcomes. Natives who are planning to settle in a foreign land should take advice from their parents. In your personal life, you may have issues with your relatives. Professional workers may plan to switch their jobs. But, they may need more effort. Experienced natives may find a new workplace, while freshers may need to wait a bit longer. You may go through introspection to exercise your mind on things, which are not mundane. In this phase, you may utilise time to strike a balance between your love life and professional life goals. As far as love and relationship are concerned, you may need to go beyond the limits to impress your loving partner. Hence, you possibly plan to visit your favourite spot in the town. Business owners with the Aquarius sign may have unplanned trips this weekend. Your partners may agree to cooperate with you on your new projects. Initially, it may not be easy to get profits, but moving on, you might be able to turn the tables around. Healthwise, Aquarius natives, may not have any major health alignments. Elders and children need to take precautions from their family doctors.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : In a new week, Pisces born individuals are likely to make a short trip. This could be related to your business. Entrepreneurs may have new offers from their partners, and therefore, you may go on a short trip. This would be a great opportunity to expand your business. The coming week is crucial for those who are associated with the communication department. At the same time, you may need to be aware of your speech. Otherwise, your words may spoil relations with others. Job professionals need to check twice before sending any emails or messages. Business owners may indulge in an argument with their partners. As a result, you may find obstacles in starting your new projects. However, your big investments may lead to favourable results. Next week, you are likely to harm relations with your neighbours. So, you may need to be more friendly with them. Those who have a small business or have a family business would earn profits. Married natives may spend an unforgettable time being together. You may involve in a small get-together with your in-laws. Single natives who are willing to get married may receive a green signal. Pisces students who are associated with fashion and arts may develop the desired career. This would be possible with the help of your parents and mentor. Other students may settle for the average marks this week. You may feel distracted from your studies. Overall, there would be minor ups and downs these days.

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