Your Weekly Horoscope for 20th November to 26th November 2022


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Individuals with Aries signs should are likely to have a busy week in terms of professional life. Your work performance may enhance this week. You should not take up new projects before completing the previous ones. However, you may need more time to perform analysis on your current tasks. You may need a practical method to determine the deadline for these projects. In this process, you may discover your managing skills. As far as your health factor is concerned, this phase is all about taking better care of your body. You should allow your body to take rest and be regular at getting your routine check-up. Elders may face challenges related to digestion. You should develop good eating habits and have nutritious food. Yoga and meditation can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, you may have medical expenses to meet. This is not a favourable time to get into new deals with the family businesses. From an investment perspective, wait for better opportunities to come. And do not hasten yourself into risky investments. There may be expenditures related to pilgrimage, spiritual pursuits, learning metaphysical things, attending healing courses, occult studies or astrology. Personal relationships would be challenging this week as you may have emotional detachment. Lovers may create misunderstandings due to a lack of proper communication between them. You should not point out each other's mistakes with a harsh attitude. If something is bothering you, communicate with your partner. Singles may have to extend their waiting period for entering into a relationship.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : In the coming days, Taurus natives may have fresh energy to achieve their life goals. This could be because of transiting Venus, which may affect major areas of your life. For Taurus natives, Venus will be transiting into the 4th house, which means that you may need to take care of your mother, land, and properties. Also, this transition of Venus may create minor health issues. Hence, you may need to be attentive to your health. Or else, you may have health problems and you may need to rush to the hospital. You may need to follow strict diets and exercise religiously. This may make a lot of difference and you may find it is easier to accomplish things when you are healthy. Horoscope further reveals that there would be several ups and downs. The occurrence of these roller coaster rides may depend on the planetary positions in your chart. You are advised to maintain your calm in stressful circumstances. It is more likely that you may feel exaggerated about trivial matters. You should not let these circumstances negatively influence your intellect. Maintain cordial relationships with everyone at the workplace. If necessary, seek your seniors’ recommendations to settle on careful choices about significant issues. Financially, you may have pending money related matters, which may give you mental stress. Thinking straight and being mindful of your expenses may help you in this situation. You may get support from your family while going through this difficult time of financial instability. Business owners born with the Taurus sign can expect good profits. Taurus students may need attention to their studies.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : The coming week may go well for individuals with the Gemini sign. Those who are facing any health issues, you may see some improvements. This may help you maintian your well-being and if you continue this, it would be very beneficial in the long run. Consuming healthy and nutritious food, exercises and yoga may give a stable foundation, both mentally and physically. To get the desired outcome professionally, you may have to work through the process intensively. You should maintain work-life balance and at the same time keep contributing to overall professional growth and development. Those who are planning to buy a new house, research well and then decide to invest money into it. Verification related to the plots or flats may help you to use your money wisely. If possible refrain from making any major decisions regarding land and property this week. Waiting for a favourable time may prove to be a good move. Planetary movements denote that some of you may indulge in conflicts while finalizing property deals. Therefore, you are advised to carefully use your words. You may receive unconditional support from your life partner. Wholesale business owners may see financial growth. Due to the transit of Jupiter, things may seem to improve for those who are dealing with relationship issues. During this time, you must show your love and kind attention to them. Married natives should spend quality time with their beloved ones to strengthen their bond. Singles may find new love interests due to the blessings of Jupiter.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : This week, Cancer individuals may have a favourable week as far as their relationship is concerned. Your prospects for love may improve, which may give you a sense of pleasantness. You would be strong, sincere, steadfast, and practical in your approach. During this time, you may improve your management skills to tackle professional life issues. In your personal relationships, your ability to be mindful and kind may come to your aid. You may see the fruits of the support you gave to others. Be in tune with your insights and follow them diligently. However, you should refrain from stubbornness and accept the other's decision. This may widen up your own perspectives about certain things in life. In terms of health, Cancer sign individuals may need some physical exercise. You may need to make changes in your diet to boost your stamina. Lack of stimulation and monotony may not be good for your mental health. Hence, make necessary adjustments in order to have better living standards. Also, you must be attentive to your health as you may get contracted with a virus infection. On the financial front, good opportunities may help you discover extra income sources at the beginning of the week. But due to the planetary influences, you may tend to become over-ambitious and take more risks as the week progresses. You should have a balanced approach and move ahead at a conducive pace.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Individuals who are holding the Leo sign are likely to face challenges in their marriage life. Those who are willing to get married may need to postpone the wedding dates. Or some of you may have marriage delays this week. Married natives may have time to build long-lasting relations with their life partners. Regarding your professional life, job seekers may receive a suitable job offer from big companies. Your efforts to get a new job prospect may bring positive results. It seems to be a productive and satisfactory week for lawyers and other legal professionals. In terms of investments, this would be a perfect time for those of you who are associated with the share market. However, be well-informed and take calculative steps in order to have financial gains. There are chances of hitting a lottery, as well. Leo students may aim higher to achieve their goals. With the support and guidance of their family and mentors, they may get motivated to perform better academically. This seems to be an extremely favourable time for sportspersons. They may embrace upcoming challenges and emerge victoriously. They are likely to win competitions and create new benchmarks for youngsters. You may continue to see growth in your professionalism. Any business trips undertaken during this time are likely to turn out to be productive. You would be successful at engaging new clients and your profit margin may improve.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : Those natives carrying the Virgo sign may need efforts going to the new week. Professional workers tend to have a busy schedule and can expect more responsibilities at their offices. Natives who are running their own businesses may find more challenges. However, you may find a stable income, which could be the result of your hard works. Also, you need more effort to impress your clients. People associated with real estate businesses are likely to meet their expectations. Planetary transits indicate that you may carry good fortune these days. Working individuals may need to deal with unexpected obstacles popping up in the mid-week. You may get an opportunity to boost your financial strength. Those who are already in a relationship may need to adjust to temperamental disturbance with their partner. You may understand the equations of your relationship and are likely to accept adjustments to build a strong base for the future. This week shows a favourable phase for your studies. In the latter part, you may realise the importance of focusing on your life goals. You may feel much more relaxed around the weekend. Though your energy levels may remain good this week, you may at times face uncomfortable situations around the middle of the week. This phase may help you bring normalcy to your health. Kids may need to take care by avoiding outside food. Elders who are suffering from bad health may find the recovery path.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : Individuals who are associated with the Libra sign may have a perfect week ahead. Your hard work may turn into rewards, especially for those who are pursuing higher education. Aspirants who are appearing for competitive exams may get positive results. Business owners representing the Libra sign may expand their business with new strategies. You would be able to attract more clients in the coming days. In the mid-week, you may get more opportunities to boost your business. On the financial front, you may have a better time to make significant decisions about your financial matters. Lovers are likely to remain concerned with matters of a love relationship. You can expect the same amount of love and support from your partner. The latter part of this week may bring stability gradually. But, you may have to deal with the mental stress. You may feel tired and bored of your day to day activities. Libra students may make good progress. Some of you may plan to take higher education from a foreign land. Libra students may get encouraging results in this phase. As a result, you may achieve your career goals. You may receive support and appreciation from your mentors. In your routine life, you may have multiple commitments, so you may not be able to give time to your loved ones. Hence, you may feel low during the daytime. Healthwise, you are projected to remain in good shape. Those who are suffering from injuries or health problems may find relief.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : For Scorpio-bound natives, next week is likely to give you mixed results. You would be keen to chase your life goals. This could be possible due to the upcoming planetary transits. You are likely to be broad-minded, adjusting, expansive, and optimistic in approach. These qualities of your may aid you to cope up with life challenges. In regards to your personal life, you may have arguments with your relatives and this may cause an imbalance in your family relations. You may find interest in spiritual activities. Therefore, you may perform all kinds of religious activities. Those who are planning to make a religious trip may get planetary assistance. You may have a wonderful trip with your family members. Students representing the Scorpio sign are advised to cut off their playtime. This is a week where you may need to pay attention to your studies. You may settle for average marks in the exams. Investors may have a favourable time for new investments. Your past investments may give you fruitful results. It is the best time to purchase your own house or land. At the same time, you may need to stay away from speculative activities. Financially, you should keep a tab on your financial matters. Working individuals may find it difficult to manage their assignments in their working space. Regarding your health, there could be no more challenges. Consequently, you may have pink health.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : Stepping into a new week, Sagittarius natives may have a profitable week ahead. You would be on your toes to accomplish your travelling goals. You may decide to go on a vacation with your family members. Some of you may organize religious trips to nearby places. Business owners may make a trip to sign contracts with their new partners. You may impress more clients with your newly developed strategies. Those Sagittarius natives who are applying for a new job might not meet success this week. They should just bide their time and wait till opportunities come knocking. Sagittarius entrepreneurs should act with caution as they may get into trouble these days. You may need to check twice before signing any important documents. It is advisable that you should not make any decision in haste. This could be a stressful week ahead for teachers as they may get bored of their work. Despite feeling stressful this phase, you may find growth in your career. Moreover, you may receive appreciation from your staff members. Your students may ask more of your time. However, students may require more focus to achieve good marks. Working natives may get some relief this week. You may develop an admiring personality. In terms of health, minor issues may pop up and therefore, you may require proper rest. Overall, it would be a fair week.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Capricorn born natives may need to be careful in their personal life. There could be arguments or minor conflicts in your family matter. Those who have planned a trip this week may get delayed. This could be because of misunderstandings between you and your loved ones. So, you may need to respect the decisions of others. Otherwise, there could be communication gaps. In the latter part of a week, you may improve relations with them. Freshers who started new jobs may develop new contacts. You may take more time to settle at the workplace. You may put your new ideas into action. You may find a rise in career growth. You may remain active in social life and support charity organisations. During this phase, you may be able to form a strong personality. Therefore, you may find it easier to deal with life obstacles. Professional workers may need serious efforts to achieve their monthly targets. Transiting Jupiter denotes that you may soon find an extra source of income. Businesspersons may expand their business as they are likely to get new offers. This is the moderate time where you may need to prioritise your work responsibilities. You should be more friendly with your partner and staff members. Health is expected to be better this week. There are no major issues foreseen. Overall, a good week in terms of financial matters.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : Individuals with the Aquarius sign may need utmost care regarding their health. You need to be attentive to your health this week. Elders who are representing the Aquarius sign may need help from their physician. Children are advised not to eat outside food, or else they may fall sick. During this week, you are likely to take an interest in performing meditation and yoga for achieving mental peace. Lovers with the Aquarius sign may find their new love. You two may have a mutual understanding to develop a harmonious relationship. You may spend intimate time with your romantic partner. In your personal life, you may need to respect the decision of your elders. Students who are pursuing higher studies may ask their parent's advice to choose an educational stream. Working professionals may receive negative feedback from their superiors. However, you may get an opportunity to display your creative ideas. This would be helpful for your career growth. Freshers may need to interact more to get settled in the new workplace. Businessmen are likely to bring new schemes, which may give you average profit. This would be a fair time for those who are associated with the stock markets activities and investments. You are advised to make new investments only after consulting your financial advisor. Entrepreneurs would have an excellent time to explore their new ventures. Financially, you may need to keep a tab on your money expenditures.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Pisces born individuals are likely to carry a good fortune next week. This could be because of Jupiter's divine blessings. Auspicious Jupiter may help you develop intellectual skills. You may increase your knowledge to expand your career growth. Job professionals may get help in dealing with challenges due to the transiting Jupiter. On the other hand, the Moon indicates that you may need more research and effort to complete your ongoing tasks. Working individuals may see more responsibilities on their shoulders as they are likely to receive new assignments. Freshers may favourable time in their new office. You would have support from senior members. Pisces entrepreneurs would have a suitable time exploring their new business. Sun transit suggests that you may make a trip to meet new partners. So, you may need to work on your new schemes. Your innovative ideas may slowly come into action. In the matter of love and relationship, lovers planning for love marriage may get a green signal. Single natives who are willing to get married can expect positive results. Married natives may plan to meet their in-laws family. You are likely to participate in a small get-together. Newly married couples may soon plan to make a nearby trip. This may help you form a strong bond, which may last for a long. This would be a positive start that may lead you to form happy married life. In short, it would be quite a favourable time for the Pisces individuals.

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