Your Weekly Horoscope for 1st January to 7th January 2023


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Aries ( 21st March to 20th April ) : Generally, the first week will be favourable in terms of investments, but in the long run, you should pay special attention to maintaining your budget. Saturn may have a significant impact on your expenses, so strategic planning may be helpful. Due to Rahu's powerful impact on your relationship, the transition of Venus and Moon might provide a favourable period for your connection with your mate. Avoid immediate replies and passing harsh words to your partner and give some space to your relationship. This may help you in lessening the unfavourable impact of Mars and the Moon in your horoscope. This period is good for students who are hard-working. They may achieve success in their goal. The positive influence of Mercury and the Sun may support you at your workplace. The stars are in your favour with the Juperters’ grace. There could be more chances of getting success in the profession. You should be mentally prepared and have complete information on any task given to you in an interview or while you give a presentation. This may enhance the chance of achieving success. To begin a happy relationship, you should be loyal to your partner as per your planetary chart.

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May ) : The week ahead promises to be vibrant and energetic and full of lucky events. You are calm and composed when replying to others as indicated by the movement of Mars. One should take the opinion of an expert or an elder‘s advice to surge ahead in the work area as planned and also to shield one from an evil eye. Expressing our positive qualities in words will give us much-needed inspiration and the correct moves will give a favourable effect on the whole scenario. Dental issues can crop up during the week due to the Mars movement. Any type of health concerns should be taken care of as well as regular training on the field is required for sports-oriented people. Problems regarding the nervous system might happen due to the influence of Saturn and Mars. There may be an inclination to go to a holy place of worship. You are suggested to tread with caution and maintain tolerance while having a conversation with your boss as the impact of the Sun can cause discord. Relationships have to be handled delicately as spouses can show disinterest towards each due to the effects of Venus and Saturn.

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June ) : Mars movement suggests you control your aggression and anger this week. This might help you to attain the expected result without any challenges. When it comes to love relationships, the movements of Mercury and Sun demands some patience and down to earth behaviour to get expected success in love and marital life. Children at this point of time might play an important role in your marriage. Sun and Mercury movement also suggests you to avoid getting into an unnecessary argument with seniors. Research and analysis or wholesale business might give expected success. Your health also requires attention at the same time as indicated with the movement of the Sun. You might get teeth related issues and weak immunity. It is better to include some healthy food in your diet. It is better if you opt for a routine checkup which might help you to have good health this week. Sun and Mercury movements might give expected success in exams related to coding, language and research. You should also need to take care of your company and avoid negative people as well as negative comments from friends to have a healthy week. It is better to have concentration in your studies.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July ) : If you have a strategy based on priorities for this week, as the Moon suggests, you can save your money. There is a chance that some of them get raises or good incentives will be there. You can also have solid financial assistance from your spouse or financial success from a job related to your business. In general, this week will be beneficial in terms of topics relating to love and marriage. Your hand will be filled with a good marriage proposal. There may be some of you who start a covert connection. The opportunity to date will be available to those who are single. In working with foreign countries, Mars will provide success. It's possible for some of you to start a new job abroad. Rahu and Jupiter, which are the indicated projects for those of you who work in digital media, can bring them to fruition. Saturn counselled you to keep the analysis and make sure that you attend this week's revision session. It's possible for some of you to arrive at the anticipated college with a definite delay. Your ignorance and hostility can cause Rahu and Ketu to negatively impact your health, harming or hindering your planning.

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August ) : Leo, welcome to the new year! The first week of the year is going to be super amazing for you. This week, you may get some good increment and succeed in all your endeavors. Those who are engaged in business related to clothes and cosmetics may get desired results. However, there might be some ups and downs in your married life. The same is expected of those who are in a relationship. So you are suggested to avoid arguments and send some gifts to your partner. There are chances that you may get financial help from your friends or siblings. Expenses may occur related to health and religious things. Make sure that this week you don’t waste money on unnecessary things. Those who were looking for a job change may get positive results. Mars can provide success in sports related exams. Also, you may get amazing opportunities in a foreign country.

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September ) : The movement of Mars and the Moon this week gives you the advice to restrain your impulsivity and to exercise patience in order to complete tasks on the personal and professional fronts. Venus is prepared to offer assistance in both the relationship and the workplace. You are recommended to have an optimistic outlook because Saturn and the Moon's movements can cause workload and unneeded tension. Some difficulties in your romantic life may stress you out. Never question your partner about trivial matters. Spend time together and try not to point fingers at each other for past faults since this might cause problems in your relationship. Both a family reunion and a party may incur costs. Because of Mars's transit, changes in the interior may cause you to incur unforeseen expenses. The overseas client or the branded corporation can offer the manufacturer or clothing retailer a favourable bargain. You'll have excellent connectivity this week. But try to avoid making a significant investment without enough verification. The student's mother will assist them in their academic endeavours. Your moral education and perseverance will help you get the grade you want on your exam.

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Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October ) : This week may remain supportive and positive for your love life and relationship but, there will be phases when you will be drawn by some unknown fear or strange feelings. At times, you may feel anxiety taking over you. This week may demand to have a solid financial plan. There is a possibility that the money that you have earned will get a new dimension. The period around the week end may remain favourable for any financial deals or contracts. You can expect some new work assignments of your choice during this week. Plus, new career opportunities will also be presented to you by your known contacts. You have to be averse to take the risk to push ahead of your prospects on the business front. This week is going to be started with somewhat low pitch for your studies. However, conditions may begin to improve from mid of this week. Good mood and positive energy will help you to maintain your health this week. However, the period post-mid-of this week will require special attention to your health and fitness.

Scorpio( 23rd October to 22nd November ) : The first week of 2023 will be good for Scorpio natives when love life is considered. Your emotions will play a major role this week and you will be more sensual. If you are single, there is likely a chance to find your love mate this week. The good communication skills in you and the dynamism will make others find an impression in you. This you can especially enjoy from your love mate. You will get good rewards from your old investments. So, try stocks and shares to get good returns. Even though there is a good chance for investments, risky deals may end up in trouble. Towards the end of the week you may face some difficulties in your workplace. Your relationship with the co workers and the seniors will not be good. The first few days may be good for you at work. If you are a businessman you need to make more efforts to achieve business goals. The favorable planets are not good for you to grow academically in the first few days of the week.but as the week advances you may feel that studies are likely to improve and students are getting comfortable. For health prospects also, the planetary positions are not as good as you believe. You must take good care of your health with regular exercise, yoga, fitness programs and daily routine practices. During the middle days of the week, you will be able to give good effort for the coming weeks.

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December ) : All the things may turn out good with complete positivity during this week. If you are not married, this week is the best time to move into a relationship. While considering the financial status, this week would be a great start. During the last few days there are lots of opportunities coming your way. This is the best week to show all the skills among your friends and family. The planetary movements are favorable while considering your profession. If you are ready to work hard, you will get great returns. Also there is a best chance to learn new things that come your way. You will get good marks in your academics this week. Success will help you make more efforts next time. Your health will be good this week. Your immunity power will be good and you will find extra time to raise your fitness levels too. In total your first week in 2023 is quite good for your love, finances, education and health. But it is very important to maintain the same hard work or success for the coming weeks in order to attain a good mental peace in the whole year.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January ) : Do you want to know how the first week of 2023 is going to be while considering various aspects like love, finances, career, business, education and heal;th? This week will be easy for your romantic life. Things are probably going to go better if you're already in a love relationship. The week's end appears to be crucial for any conversations pertaining to your personal life. You'll receive a healthy stream of cash. However, costs for entertainment, hotel bills, and other family problems will rise as the week goes on. This week, put an emphasis on saving money. You could have a lot of planetary help to advance in your career. But as the week goes on, your job life is probably going to get harder. However, if you're in business, you'll be able to concentrate and complete your responsibilities, which should help your commercial partnerships grow. You go steadily and slowly and will be able to raise the standard of your performance in your studies. Your energy may help you achieve success and happiness. This week, the stars will continue to have a positive influence on your health. You're probably in good health most of the time.

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February ) : Your personal life and relationship may have some disturbances at the start of this week. Maintain good self-control and refrain from getting carried away while seeking any form of pleasure. Around the weekend, there will be serenity and tranquility on the love front. This week, there will be several nice chances to make money. But before you make any new investments, you should speak with a financial counselor, ideally one who has experience in the banking industry. You might be able to make smart selections with the aid of timely advice. You should use this time to decide certain key aspects of your career future. In a key business situation, be forceful. Don't be intimidated by the workload. Go ahead and take the initiative. You could continue to struggle with your studies as the week gets underway since you won't be able to focus due to any interruptions or tiredness. This week is the time to gather your strength and work diligently to accomplish your objectives. This week, your energy won't be up to par. Exercise is something you'll need to do if you want to avoid health problems. Lets see how your first week will be in terms of love and relationships, health, career, business and finance.

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March ) : Your romantic life is likely to see some revitalising events this week. The distinction between dreams and reality may become clearer as the week goes on, though. A wonderful time to express your feelings is right before the weekend. There may be some excellent opportunities to make some profitable business agreements this week. You may be able to accelerate your financial development. There might be some new prospects, so you'll feel reenergized and motivated at work. However, there might be certain challenging issues where you might engage in conflict with subordinates and superiors. Positive momentum may build up as the weekend approaches. It might be possible to advance in schooling this week. You may perform well, but occasionally your overconfidence may cause you to be reckless, which may prevent you from properly preparing for or focusing on your studies. Your energy may not have been at their best at the start of this week. However, in the second half of this week you might see substantially improved health outcomes.

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