Wedding videographer captures what little boy whispers to mom that brings her to tears: ‘the way he looks at her’

Wedding ceremonies can get pretty emotional, but one bride clearly wasn’t prepared for the sweet moment that brought her to tears before saying “I do.”

In a TikTok video now going super-viral, Alexis Marie Helzer (@alexismarie43) stands at an outdoor altar with her now-husband and their two small children. But while her little boy looks over at her with adoring eyes, he points to his mom and whispers something the camera just barely picks up.

“Mommy, you look beautiful,” the toddler says with a smile, causing his mom and dad to instantly get emotional.

Though the bride tries to hold it together, it’s clear the tears are starting to come. But they don’t really start to flow until her son leans over to her and tells her again how beautiful she is — just in case she didn’t hear him the first time.

Moments later, Helzer’s husband hands the toddler over to his mother, who is clearly overcome with emotion but does her best to compose herself.

“So thankful this was captured on my wedding day,” the mother wrote in her post caption before referring to her son as her “sweet baby.”

Since sharing the video earlier this month, Helzner’s TikTok has received more than 35 million views. And based on many of the comments, most people couldn’t help but get just as emotional as the boy’s mother.

“AWWWW MY HEART JUST MELTED,” one person wrote.

“the way he looks at her & doesn’t lose eye contact…I can’t,” said another.

“He’s like ‘why you crying?! DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!'” someone else added.

Some commenters said the sweet clip made them miss the days when their own kids were small. Others complimented the mom on raising such a kind boy and said that her husband must be setting a good example for how he should treat his mama.

Considering all the Reddit tales we hear about pushy mother-in-laws and out-of-control bridezillas, most viral wedding stories tend to be filled with nothing but drama and controversy. But every now and then, a real tear-jerker will come through and restore our faith in humanity — like the 2-year-old who went viral in 2022 for not being able to control his joy at his mom’s wedding. (If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth a watch.)

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