This website has the interactive Starfield maps that should've been in the game

 Starfield cities
Starfield cities

If there's one nearly universal complaint about Starfield, it's that the map is close to useless. Luckily, there's now an online resource providing the interactive maps that probably should've been in the game to begin with.

Map Genie is a website that's been around for years, providing extensive interactive maps for everything from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to the classic Assassin's Creed games. The site's breakdown of Starfield is still technically a work in progress, but it's already leagues beyond anything available in the game itself.

Hop into, say, the New Atlantis map, and you can get an annotated breakdown of every point of interest in the city, including landmarks, vendors, and fast travel points. If you want to use the site not just as a reference, but a guide, you can also get the locations of recruitable companions, collectable skill magazines, and the starting points for various missions.

There are also maps covering Akila City, Cydonia, Neon, Red Mile, and Paradiso, and a map for The Key appears to be in progress. Signing up for a free account will even let you save your own checklist of discovered locations or collectables. There's also a paid subscription option that offers a few bonuses and ad-free browsing, through a connection to IGN parent company Ziff Davis. That said, you don't need any special accounts or subscriptions to enjoy these Starfield maps, or many other maps for that matter.

Here's hoping that some Starfield mods will soon start addressing the map issues in the game rather than out of it.