'We Bare Bears' creator coming to Singapore for animation workshop

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We Bare Bears
We Bare Bears (Photo: Cartoon Network)

If you’re interested in animation and are a fan of Grizz, Pan-Pan and Ice Bear, listen up. Daniel Chong, creator and executive producer of Cartoon Network’s “We Bare Bears” is coming to Singapore for “Imagination Studios”.

The two-day animation workshop, a partnership between Cartoon Network and the Infocomm Media Development Authority, is aimed budding animation artists, with workshops for both adults (21 April) and children (22 April). The workshop will be held at IMDA’s PIXEL Studios in One North.

Daniel Chong, creator and executive producer of 'We Bare Bears'.
Daniel Chong, creator and executive producer of ‘We Bare Bears’.

Chong, who has a successful career in Burbank, California, as a animator and artist, will front both workshops, and speak about his artistic journey and the process of creating a hit animated series.

Attendees will have the opportunity submit their own animation ideas to Turner (which owns Cartoon Network). If selected, the idea could be fully funded and produced by Cartoon Network, in partnership with IMDA. It will also be screened on Cartoon Network across Asia.

Those interested to register or find out more can do so on the Imagination Studios site from now till Monday, 10 April. Participants have to submit a 50-word write-up during registration, which will be used in the selection process.

“We Bare Bears” follows three bear adopted brothers, the fun-loving grizzly Grizz, the giant panda Panda (nicknamed Pan-Pan), and the usually silent polar bear Ice Bear (who can speak Korean, French, Japanese and Russian).

The three are notable for being able to form a “bear stack”, where they stack themselves on top of each other and move around.

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