Wayne Lai: Luck plays a role in winning awards!

29 Dec – Although a lot of people wanted to see Kenneth Ma finally win that coveted title of TV King at the upcoming TVB Anniversary Awards, Wayne Lai says that it takes a lot of things to enable an actor to win it.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was asked about this year's nominees for Best Actor, praised Kenneth for his performance in "Big White Duel" and stressed that the latter would win sooner or later.

"But sometimes luck plays a part in winning an award. An actor getting a great role depends on fate. If the role is solid, then the possibility to win is much greater," he said.

Wayne himself admitted that he was very fortunate to come across roles like the ones in "The Confidant" (2012), "No Regrets" (2010) and "Rosy Business" (2009), which enabled him to win TV King three times.

Asked if he would like to try and win it for the fourth time, he responded, "Hopefully, if the timing is right. I enjoyed filming [upcoming series] "Death by Zero" earlier. The characters are complex and rich, but I wonder if audiences will like them."

(Photo Source: Wayne Lai Instagram)