Wayne Lai improves Mandarin while filming mainland drama

28 Dec – Wayne Lai recently admitted the hardest part of starring in a mainland period drama was to perform in Mandarin, seeing that he is not as proficient as he hoped he would be in the said language.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke about his experience working in the Tencent series "Legend of the Phoenix", stated that he knew that the studio would dub his voice, but wanted to try and make it much easier for them.

"I wanted to reduce the gap when it comes to performing with other mainland actors too, so I tried reciting 90 percent of my lines in Mandarin, and the rest in Cantonese," he said.

Wayne stated that he made a lot of preparation for his role, including studying how to pronounce correctly and easing himself with the sounds.

"Taking this drama was like being back at school again. I had to reflect on my performance and improve my Mandarin. It was a good experience," he said.

The actor also enjoyed working in the production as it was not as stressful as working in a TVB series.

"Sometimes when the focus is not on you, they will have your body double replace you so that you can take a break and focus more on giving better performance," he added.