Watch Taylor Swift's Cute Reaction to Seeing Travis Kelce for the First Time on Sunday

Taylor Swift attended yet another Chiefs game this weekend, as everyone is well aware due to the NFL having literally no chill and putting her on camera at every available opportunity.

But one clip of Taylor and her fleet of famous friends that's particularly cute? TikTok account @internetpeoples (via @notskinnybutnotfat) shared a video of Blake Lively letting Taylor Swift know that Travis Kelce had arrived on the field, which involved lots of nudges and Taylor literally wiggling around in excitement.

Obviously, there's a big spotlight on Taylor and Travis' relationship, but a source tells People that things are pretty casual and that they're "still just getting to know each other" and "it's nothing too serious."

Another insider also notes that they haven't ~defined~ things yet, and that "He is a charming guy. It’s more of a hanging out situation than dating." Plus, Travis is "focusing on football like he always has. During the NFL season, his priority is the Chiefs, and it’s all about the team."

Meanwhile, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight that "When Taylor and Travis first connected, Taylor was looking to have fun while enjoying some downtime. So far, it’s been a nice change of pace for her. Now, as things progress between Taylor and Travis, they’re both looking to keep it more private. They’re both excited about where things are headed."

TBD on if things are "headed" to another Chiefs game next weekend!

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