Watch: Speaker orders Conservative MP to leave the Commons over PMQs heckling

Watch: Speaker orders Conservative MP to leave the Commons over PMQs heckling

A Conservative MP was ordered to leave Prime Minister’s Questions after being accused of repeated heckling by Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

Paul Bristow was made to leave the Commons chamber after fewer than five minutes of the weekly clash between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

The Peterborough MP’s forced exit came shortly after Sir Lindsay appealed to both sides of the House to show respect and stop being noisy.

I'm not having it and I've warned you before

Sir Lindsay Hoyle to Paul Bristow MP

Mr Bristow told the PA news agency: “I got a little over-excited.”

As Sir Keir criticised the Government for allowing “uncontrolled migration”, Mr Bristow was among those heard shouting in response.

Sir Lindsay intervened to say: “Mr Bristow, I think you’re going to be leaving. I am asking you to leave now because otherwise I’ll name you.”

‘Naming of a member’ is a term used to describe the disciplining of an MP for breaking the rules of the Commons.

Sir Lindsay did not enact the formal disciplinary procedure but told Mr Bristow: “I’m not having it and I’ve warned you before. It’s the same people.”

He added to opposition MPs: “And the same will happen on this side.”

Mr Bristow left the chamber to cheers and shouts of “bye” from those on the opposition benches.

Sir Lindsay’s spokeswoman said: “Following a noisy start to PMQs, the Speaker asked Paul Bristow to leave the chamber, saying he would name him if not.

“Mr Bristow left voluntarily and so no formal powers were exercised by the Speaker.”

Mr Bristow can stay on the parliamentary estate for the day and loses no pay, it is understood.