How to watch the Microsoft Surface Event 2023

 Microsoft Surface Pro 9 group.
Microsoft Surface Pro 9 group.

Microsoft's Surface Event is coming soon, and with it is a plethora of new Surface products ranging from the Surface Go to the Surface Pro line and more. It'll be interesting to see how the rumors and reports hold up to the reality of what we actually see at the event.

The Surface Event will run concurrently with what the tech giant calls a "special event" in New York City. And though we have no real confirmation of what exactly we'll see at the event, thanks to not even the journalists invited being told what to expect, there are plenty of educated guesses that can be made.

Along with the nearly-assured Surface laptops and tablets that might make our lists of the best Windows laptops and best Windows tablets, we might see some accessories at the event as well. Microsoft also has made plenty of investments in AI, and there's a more than a good chance that we would see the fruits of those labors during the livestream.

Regardless, we have the scoop on when the event is happening and how to watch it. We also have some predictions on what Microsoft might launch during the live stream.

Edit: Correction made to the live stream time, which is at 1PM EST not 1AM EST.

When is the Microsoft Surface event?

Microsoft revealed that both the Surface Event and the live stream will take place on September 21, 2023. Thankfully, the times are convenient for most global viewers, with nothing running too early or too late for the major time zones.

The live stream will air at 10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM BST, meaning that most viewers should be able to tune in during their respective air time. But whether you can make the time or not, TechRadar will be covering the event so feel free to keep checking back for the latest news.

Whatever Microsoft reveals will definitely be interesting to see. Here’s how to watch the event.

How to watch the Microsoft Surface event

Microsoft announced that it would be streaming its event on YouTube as well as its own website. However, at the time of writing, it hasn't uploaded the direct live stream embed on said site, so we've added links instead to the corresponding channels.

Once Microsoft adds its direct streaming links, we'll update the page accordingly.

Our Microsoft Surface event predictions

We're expecting to see the Surface Laptop Studio 2 since it's been nearly two years since the original Surface Laptop Studio was released, and there have been tons of rumors supporting the reveal of its successor. According to said leaks, the laptop will feature a 13th-generation Intel Core i7-13800H processor with 64GB of DDR5 SDRAM.

The reveal of the Surface Pro 10 is almost assured, thanks to the very strict yearly launch cycle of the Pro series. So far, one of the most interesting reports is that we could be getting an 11-inch version along with the standard 13-inch version, which would directly compete with Apple's iPad.

We're also likely to receive a refresh of the Surface Go 4 2-in-1. Earlier in the year, Microsoft postponed an ARM-based Surface Go, though it's expected we'll get an Intel version, and the chip is expected to be an N200 so the 2-in-1 remains inexpensive to the business and education markets it targets.

For a more traditional laptop, the Surface Laptop Go 3 will most likely make an appearance. It will most likely be a minor refresh with a RAM increase from 4GB to 8GB, the 128GB SSD to double in size, and an Intel 12th-Gen Intel Core i5, all to prevent a major price hike.

There's a chance we'll see some Surface accessories like 2022's event, as well as some time devoted to new software and OS updates. AI has also been a large part of Microsoft's investment, so we should receive some updates on the tech giant's progress there.